A Slight Detour – And Finding Fun

Last week my husband and I took an unexpected detour. In the past, before I had learned how little control I have over life, I might have been upset at my husband when our plans changed. But I have grown to realize we have little control and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Our Plan

Early Friday morning Jim and I flew from Minneapolis to Denver to buy a used car for our daughter. My husband loves to shop for cars and he was determined to find something for a good price that had not been exposed to salted roads of Minnesota. The plan was to buy the car, drive half way to Lincoln Nebraska for an overnight. The next day we’d visit a car museum that’s been on Jim’s bucket list, on then be home by Saturday night.

We packed light and I brought some chapters of my book to work on. Really I just came to keep Jim company, and to help with the driving.

When we picked up the car, the salesman warned us that the weather didn’t look good. Used to driving on snow in Minnesota, we didn’t think much of it. But when we got on the highway and watched the semi’s blow around in the wind, I started wondering what we were in for.

After driving only 3 hours, they closed the interstate due to blizzard conditions across Nebraska. To tell you the truth, I was relieved that the decision was taken out of our hands.

Our Detour

Our off ramp dumped us into the small town of Sterling, Colorado where we quickly checked into a nice hotel. As the hotel quickly filled up with storm refugees, the weather channel held our attention. The forecast didn’t look good with blizzard warning though out the next day and the biggest snowstorm of the winter hitting Minneapolis on Saturday. Even if they opened the interstate, the drive home would be treacherous at least until Sunday.

So we settled in to our hotel, found a nice restraint for dinner with some of the best steak I’ve ever eaten, and took a run to Walmart for clean underwear and a jar of coconut oil. Without our computers we had time to just relax and lounge in bed. The second day the sun came out. We explored a local museum, visited some bluffs and found a cool tree carving. My husband kept saying it felt like a second honeymoon.In the past I probably would have pouted, blamed my husband and spent my weekend worrying. Instead we ended up with an amazing weekend of connecting.

Our plans did not turn out like we expected. Finally Sunday night, a day late we rolled into Minneapolis. My husband never got to see the car museum he had his heart set on. We lost $50 on our hotel in Nebraska and had to pay for two nights in Sterling. But I could either treat our detour like a total bummer and pouted the whole time. Or I  could appreciate the gifts of safety, a wonderful hotel, and a sweet time together.

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