How to Give Your Husband a Frenulum Orgasm

Ladies, to help you appreciate the attention your husband lavishes on your clitoris, try treating him to a frenulum orgasm. It is an orgasm that results from only stimulating the small area where the underside of his shaft meets the head of his penis. A frenulum orgasm will take patience, assurances from you and sensitivity to read his body. Rather than firm gripping him to the finish line you will need to use finesse and creativity to gradually coax him to pleasure. Not only will a frenulum orgasm blow his mind, but you will gain a new appreciation for the energy your husband invests in you during clitoral orgasms.

How To

Similar to a clitoral stimulation, frenulum stimulation focuses on a very small sensitive area. Once his penis is erect, rather that grasping his shaft, stimulate the frenulum with no opposing force. You can either let his penis rest against his abdomen or hold just around the base. Use coconut oil or lubrication to protect his sensitive skin. Stimulate the frenulum using your fingers, thumb, tongue, or lips. You can visit other terrain but ultimately you want to end up at his frenulum.

Just like clitoral orgasms sometimes require patience, frenulum orgasms require patience. You cannot rush them, or force them.  While he remains relaxed, you tune into his body and lean into the pleasure you can create.


You may have to verbally assure him throughout the encounter, “It’s okay.” “Just relax, we have all the time in the world.” “Don’t’ worry, I’ve got you.” Giving up the ability to drive to the finish line may feel very foreign and uncomfortable to him. He will have to calm himself mentally, take deep breaths and relax.

Giving him a frenulum orgasm requires a lot more focus than handling his entire penis. You will have a small territory to read, and to feel and you will have to cue into other subtle signals. Pay attention to his testicles, his breathing, and the frenulum straining for more touch. Don’t be afraid to seek greater connection as arousal increases by increasing pressure, or using intense connected stroking. If you start to feel stuck, then back off and change things up before trying to ramp back up.


Giving him an orgasm from stimulating his frenulum will challenge your creativity. Rather than just bread and butter massaging, spend time discovering small delights. Gently flick your tongue across the area, stoke sideways, up and down or circles with the pad of your thumb. Mouth him with your lips or stroke him with your tongue. As he ramps up keeps your lips attached and French kiss his frenulum. Stay with something long enough to let his body find a rhythm but not so long that he loses interest. You must somehow communicate a direction to what you create. Just like individual music notes of a song mean nothing by themselves, individual strokes mean nothing. Music contains repeated melodies and rhythms that rise and fall and eventually take us to the finale. Make music with your stimulation.

The Finish

As you sense him getting close to an orgasm, do your best to stay completely melded to his frenulum. As he orgasms gently continue slow rhythmic movement to prolong his orgasm but don’t lose contact. The moment you lose contact during orgasm, his ultra-sensitive frenulum will bristle to your touch. When his contractions eventually cease, climb up on him and cover his body. Kiss him, whisper in his ear, squeeze the last drop of tension from his body, and thank him for all the attention he has lavished on your clitoris over the years.

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  1. It is a lovely experience. My wife and I discovered it a while ago. It’s actually the only sex we have. What makes it work for me is being able to touch her while she rubs me. Even holding hands or stroking legs works but touching somewhere more intimate is better. Unfortunately we don’t always get to finish but it’s worth trying 🙂

  2. Hmmm. I’m at a loss as to why this is actually a thing. Frenulum orgasms happen organically during fellatio especially when a wife switches from sucking to licking to facilitate the finish. So it seems like focus on the frenulum would be more of manual/handjob technique, as wives are prone to “milk” rather than use their fingers to stimulate the glans/frenulum. I think that’s where the improvement is needed most. Just a thought.

    • mm

      I don’t think that fellatio always shifts to stimulating the frenulum, and many times it is combined with lots of other stimulation.

      • Hi again. Of course it’s not always, but more times than not, fellatio nearer the end involves extensively licking the underside of the penis to create aclimax. Yes, a hand is on the shaft, but I wouldn’t call that stimulation as much as support. So are you suggesting that from flaccid to orgasm that only the frenulum be touched? Your thoughts?

        • mm

          I am suggesting from erection to orgasm only the frenulum be touched. It is a different experience. It takes patience, staying relaxed and letting go of control.

          • Thanks for getting back to me. . Now I understand what you meant. You are suggesting an ice cream cone technique where she can’t even lick the sides. That’s gonna take more than patience. That’s gonna take an Olympic tongue.

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