Pelvic Massage Opens Up a Whole New World to Him

I love coconut oil. Using it has helped me with the challenges that come along with menopause and does wonders for my dry skin in the Winter season. But even more importantly, I love using coconut oil on my husband. Gliding around to do a pelvic massage has helped me to really loosen him up so that he can experience a whole new world.

Sex driven solely by our husband’s penis just touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his pleasure. We need to engage his entire body through connected touch. He has the potential to experience so much more pleasure than the explosive desperate release that his penis drives for. But we have to teach him to relax his body including his pelvic area and to linger and enjoy the entire journey.

Your husband’s pelvic area carries an enormous amount of tension. The feelings he stuffs, the stress from work, the insecurities and worries gradually build. Wound tight as a drum, sexual release brings relief as much as pleasure.

A husband practicing Kegel exercises will aid in learning to consciously relax the pelvic area. The exercises will also increase circulation and help with his general health.

If you want your husband to experience pure pleasure, not just release, you have to help him loosen up. You have to patiently unwind the tension and release his body to percolate in enjoyment.

Massaging the Pelvic Area

Rather than just focusing on the penis, we must focus on the entire pelvis. Using lots of coconut oil for lubrication, our hands provide firm smooth strokes to loosen the muscles. Massaging up the inner thighs and around the base of the penis, the bands of muscles begin to relax. Moving our hands across the abs bring blood towards the penis. Being careful to stay connected to avoid tickling, gently massage around the testicles. Encourage him to relax and breathe deeply to release the tension. Leisurely enjoy stroking his body, while creating anticipation.

Transition to kiss or receive pleasure yourself for a while. Let him just marinate as he looks forward to your return.

When your hands find their way back to his body again, use lots of coconut oil and continue to loosen him up. Gently play with his testicles and glide under to the perineum.  Stroke his shaft tucked inside his body. Massage his prostate from the exterior.

As trust builds, your husband will relax to your touch. Ticklish or vulnerable areas will transition and open up to touch. His muscles will release and you might even notice that his penis appears longer than before. Now he is putty in your hands.

Rather than orgasm coming from a place of desperation it will come from a place of trust. Rather than just erupting from his penis, it will flow from his core.

So help your husband learn how to relax  during sex. I mean really relax. Ease the tension from his pelvic area with the magic of your hands. So warm up the room, lube up your hands and spend some time making orgasm a full body experience for your husband.

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  1. Great! What kind of coconut oil do you use? I have some in liquid form and a big jar with the consistency of butter, which melts when warmed. Just wondering which type you use?

    • mm

      We buy a huge jar at the grocery store of coconut oil, the consistency of butter. We use refined coconut oil which has no flavor or smell. We fill a small jar and keep it next to our bed. We sometimes heat it up in front of our space heater on cold nights if we need it softened.

  2. Tried this today and WOW!!! My husband LOVED it. In fact, it led to intense multiple orgasms for him. The massage totally relaxed him in preparation for the release and the coconut oil made the whole experience deliciously yummy for both of us. All we added were candles and soft music. I highly recommend this delightful experience!

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