Deafening Silence – Adding a Little Excitement

Sometimes all you need to create a little excitement is to change the pace. The other night my husband and I went to bed early while two of our grown daughters watched TV down stairs. As most of you know, I am all about creating connection by using words during sex, but this night we changed things up by creating excitement through silence.

With the twinkle lights dimly lighting the room I started my move. The moment my husband tried to say anything, I quickly shushed him. Not quite sure what was going on, my husband tried again and without using any words, I quietly urged him, “Shhhh”. While he laid back contemplating what happened to his wife, I tuned into to the touch of his skin. As the mystery of the night built I softly touched my finger to his lips, looked into his eyes and reminded him one more time. The silence was almost deafening as he recognized with sudden realization what the evening held.


Having sex in complete and total silence helped us to focus on our eyes to communicate with each other. I have this romantic idea that we can say things with our eyes. Rather than just staring at my husband, I try to read his eyes, or to tell him something with mine. Talk about an area of growth for my husband. Sometimes I quiz my husband, “what do you think I am saying now?” I will ask. With words and even “ahhhs” out of the picture, we dug deep to read each other’s eyes.


With silence filling our room, subtle sounds usually missed were amplified. We heard the pounding of our hearts fall in sync. Long luxurious breaths helped us relax until urgency prodded us forward. Every other sound in the house seemed to fall away to nothingness, until only the two of us existed.


The mystery of the night called us to completely cover each other skin to skin. Our bodies somehow melded and moved in tandem. My husband seemed to feel every tingle than ran through my body. Skin craved skin. With fluidity one position moved to another with no interruption or room for debate.

Total silence filled the room, as we tuned into each other’s eyes. My husband gauged the tension in my muscles and the movement of my body to chart my course. With our senses on high alert the night did not disappoint.

If you want to create a little excitement, and stretch each other to learn new things, try having sex in complete and total silence.

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  1. Good one!
    Love how you take something, that most couples struggle with (to much silence in the bedroom) and turn it into something that adds excitement. Since Jim is a man of few words, I’m sure he loved it!

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