Sliding Down – Nurturing Your Husband With Oral Sex

Sliding Down is a great position to treat your husband to oral sex. While both of you relax, you can nurture him and create an amazing show.

Getting Into Position

With both of you lying face to face on your sides, start working your way down his body.  Kiss his neck, his chest, his navel and slowly slide down until you have access to everything you want. Prop your head up with a pillow and enjoy this relaxing position to nurture your man.

While he enjoys the view, his hands can run through your hair or over your breasts. Curling your body around his legs creates lots of skin to skin contact. One hand can firmly pull down his penis to present the full show while the other embraces his legs or testicles. You can maintain control and decide when you want to take him over the edge. Encourage him to just relax and when you’re ready add your hand to the mix and let him really feel you. Or with established trust and comfort, you can encourage him to let loose to drive to the finish line while you lay back and feel his strength and pleasure.

Don’t miss this great position that contrasts total relaxation with full on stimulation.

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  1. I would like to bless my husband like this more but I’m high drive, probably higher than his. Is this just a one way thing? I would be so frustrated to wait another few days if so… any thoughts appreciated!

          • Good point:) I guess when I see articles about oral sex for him I presume it’s just a one way gift?She rolls over and goes to sleeep. Though, I’ve never heard of husbands forgoing their ( own) orgasm and only giving their wife oral? I’m just a high drive wife and with small kids it could be days till I get my next opportunity.

          • mm

            I think for the most part, sex is supposed to be mutual. They may not have simultaneous orgasms, but they both have orgasms one way or another. Typically she goes first because of the sleep factor for him.
            I have heard of a husband giving a wife a freebie once in a while. In fact it is one of my homework assignments for the husbands during the women’s Awaken Love class. I think it is an important way for a husband to communicate that he cares about his wife’s pleasure as much as his own.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful reply! Your classes sound like a wonderful learning experience and I am thankful I found your blog! May the Lord bless you in your ministry !

    • mm

      Maybe you should pray about hosting a video class for a few friends. You can not imagine how many women could use a little encouragement and good information in this area. You can find more information here

  3. There are times where I’ve forwent my own orgasm in order to lavish my wife. Now, I will say that’s the easiest to achieve if I’ve/we’ve orgasmed in the not-too-distant past, but I delight in the ability to focus solely, wholly on pleasuring her—and taking great pleasure in doing that—without being distracted by worry over my own orgasm. Caring for her, tending to her, experiencing the delight that I’m proving her—nothing more breathtaking.

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