How Do You Invite Someone to a Sex Class?

I remember the very first time I invited women to an Awaken-Love sex class. I was scared to death! Who would I invite? What would my friends think if I brought up the topic of sex? What if no one responded or better yet my friends stopped talking to me?

Many of you may have had the same thoughts as you considered hosting an Awaken-Love video class.

But you’ve read enough on the blogs to realize just how desperately wives need resources to encourage them in their sex life. You want to help. You want to do something, but you don’t even know where to start.

One Woman at a Time

Awaken-Love started as a grass roots effort. Out of obedience, I invited 8 close friends into my home because I heard God’s call to teach about sex.  And I believe Awaken-Love will continue to be a grass roots effort. As women experience transformation through Awaken-Love, they will catch the vision and feel compelled to share with friends.

Most women that have hosted a video class have some personal contact with Awaken-Love. Either they have heard me speak, taken a live class, or have a friend that went through the class. Awaken-Love continues to grow by word of mouth. But that’s just a drop in the bucket. We have so many more to reach.

The question remains, how do I get women that discover Awaken-Love online to host a video class for their friends?

We continue to make changes like simplifying registration, and providing access for individuals before they commit to a group.

But one of the scariest parts of hosting an Awaken-Love class will always remain, inviting your friends. So, I thought I would share my experiences and, others that have hosted classes, to encourage you to make the plunge and answer the call.

Inviting Your Friends

  1. Since my very first class, I have used email as the primary way to invite women. Honestly, I was too scared to talk to most of my friends face to face about a sex class. Email also avoids putting women on the spot or making them feel bad if they don’t want to participate. I invited about 10 of my closest friends for the class and prayed that some of them would say yes.
  2. In your invitation, be honest about why you want to take the class and why you want to host the class.  I provided a draft of an invitation but people appreciate your authenticity, honesty and integrity.
  3. Ask participants to invite friends. Open the class up and encourage women coming to the class to invite their own friends. Coming in pairs can lead to a sense of comfort and promote growth and accountability after class.
  4. Marketing – announce the class at mops or women’s bible study. Ask to hang fliers in the women’s bathroom stalls with contact information.
  5. One woman invited the entire leadership team from her MOPS group. Class bonded their group in an incredible way. These women know they have friends they can talk to about anything.
  6. One woman invited a bunch of her sisters and a couple of friends to take the class. Can you imagine being able to encourage and talk to your sisters?
  7. One woman invited the church leadership team from their marriage ministry. Taking an Awaken-Love class would equip marriage mentors to talk about sex in a whole new way.
  8. Some women use Skype to join a class before offering Awaken-Love at their church. Please email me if you are interested.
  9. A large church arranged for me to Skype and teach their group of women leaders in order to equip teachers.


I still don’t like to invite women to class or bring up the subject of sex unless God gives me a nudge. I am the classic introvert and would much prefer to listen to others talk then to talk myself. Yet I have personally taught nearly 600 women with virtually no advertising.

Don’t twist someone’s arm to join a class. Simply ask, and if they aren’t interested then let it go. For many women, sex is just too painful to talk about. Besides, the woman that experience real growth and breakthrough in Awaken-Love are the ones that want to be there. The ones that are ready for change.

What is holding you back from bringing Awaken-Love to your friends, church or neighborhood? The time is now. Women need God’s truth, community and healing.

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