Awakening to the Passion of a Quickie

Most women know what a quickie is, and it usually has more to do with serving our husband than anything else. Somewhere between the exhaustion of washing the last of the dishes and the early pitter-patter of little feet, we realize that our husband has been neglected, and we squeeze out one last bit of energy to take care of him. Our head really isn’t in the game because we figure that with so little time, odds are, we are not going to get there anyway.

Now here’s the question… is it possible, that we could enjoy a quickie too? Is it possible that the reason we don’t get there, is because our heads have already decided there is not enough time? What about letting go of the practicalities of the known, and experiencing the passion of the unknown. Could we allow our bodies to dive into the deep end, instead of tip toeing from the wading pool as we acclimate to the temperature of the water?

During this holiday season our lives get busy with shopping, church, parties and baking. We travel to relative’s houses, sleeping in rooms filled with kids. Let’s grab opportunities to connect with our husband and make the most of it. Let’s dare to allow our body to respond the passion of a “quickie for 2”.

Below are ideas to help make quickies a “quickie for 2”.

Get your head in the game – Do you believe God is the God of the impossible? Do you believe that he created your body to experience immeasurably more than you have experienced? Can we let our minds believe it could happen so that our bodies could follow?

Engage your pc muscles – Start flexing your pc muscles as soon as the action starts in order to wake up your body and get the blood flowing.

Breathe deeply, smell deeply – Take it all in. Breathe deeply as you fill your body with oxygen and feel your body begin to energize.  Take in the smells of your spouse’s body and the sweat of passion. Get your body in the game, in order to take your worrying mind out of the game.

Take his hands right where they need to go – No time to be polite or dilly-dally. When your body asks for his hands to touch a certain place, just take them there. Listen to your body and dare to respond.

Use a vibrator – if both of you are comfortable, consider using a vibrator as a way to provide maximum physical stimulation to help your body respond.

Dare to be passionate – stop thinking so much. You are married now and you get to enjoy this. God is a God of passion and he desires for us to be passionate about loving Him and loving our spouse. Go crazy and enjoy each other as the moments present themselves.

So what if you don’t get there? Remember those times before you were married and you knew you couldn’t finish? Did you still enjoy them?

Expect something awesome. Begin to awaken your body to passion.

Previously Posted as Quickie for 2? on Dec 7, 2014

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