Invite God into Your Marriage Bed

During Awaken-Love class we often talk about how to bring God into our marriage bed. The huge divide between our spirituality and our sexuality leaves us feeling like sex is somehow wrong. When women invite God into their marriage bed, they experience a renewed sense of freedom but sometimes they don’t  realize all the amazing benefits. 

Today, Abbey who recently joined the Awaken-Love teaching team, will share how inviting God into their marriage bed profoundly impacted both her and her husband.

Awaken Love taught my husband and me many things. Most importantly it taught us to invite God into our marriage bed.

Pray Before Sex

At first it felt strange to pray before sex.  It was so weird.  How can something as holy as God and something as personal as sex go together?

But friends, that is when the real magic started happening.  In bed, naked together, we held each other and asked God to bless our sex life.  We asked him to reveal barriers and past pains that were keeping us from each other.  We were so honest and vulnerable together before a God who we knew wanted us to have the best sex possible.


A few months ago my husband came to me, out of the blue, and asked me to forgive him.  God had shown him that he did indeed hold resentments towards me when I would say no to sex. That resentment chafed inside of him and came out sideways at me.  He realized that he had made it hard for me to say no.

Once he saw what it did to me he could no longer treat me the same way.  He felt such remorse and also embarrassment at his previous actions.  Throughout our marriage he would try so hard to let go of the resentment and bitterness he felt when he was rejected but nothing would remove it.


Once he repented to me God was able to change his heart.  The fear he used to carry about having a sexless marriage if he didn’t constantly pursue me vanished.  I learned to trust him on an even deeper level.  We both now feel freedom where we felt fear and anxiety before.   We asked God to enter our marriage bed and the blessings keep coming.

Living it Out

My sweet husband had been looking for ways to prove that he sincerely regretted how hard he had made it for me to say no to sex and that he was a changed man.  He suggested that during the week before my period, instead of being intimate, we would  just spend time together in other ways.  We’ve discussed how hard sex is for me the week before my period, and it was how he wanted to prove to me that he was OK if we didn’t have sex due to his new revelation.

He was right, and during that week a heavy cloud was lifted off me.   I realized that he had made it hard for me to say no, and so much of the guilt and anxiety I carried was gone!  Having a week where my husband didn’t pursue sex, but instead pursued time with me healed both of us.

Awaken Love has opened up a whole new world for us and I am happy to start offering this class through my church.   It truly does take good marriages and makes them great because it’s God that does the changing.  How can God bless an area of our life if we leave him outside the bedroom door?  This past summer I hosted a video class and saw God do the same for 5 other ladies.  I’m excited about answering God’s call to teach this class to other women who want more for their marriage.

Blessings, Abbey

Abbey will start teaching Awaken-Love this January in Ham Lake Minnesota. 

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