How to Tantalize Your Husband

I find it amusing the different ways my body catches my husband’s eye. As if I am his own personal eye candy just trying to tantalize him. Most of the time I have no idea what he’s enjoying until he tells me. Years ago, I might have felt violated, embarrassed or confused. But now I kind of love it! Maybe I need to start watching for ways to catch his eye on purpose.

Catching His Eye

This summer we were over at a friend’s house helping to build their deck. I was wore a snug V-neck shirt and sturdy jeans to work. I spent the whole day bending over to cut boards and screw in decking. That night, my husband asks, “Were you bending down just for me?” I’m like, “No, I was just building the deck.” The entire time my husband was thinking I’m giving him a special show.

A few weeks later, we were working on getting rid of the tree we pruned in our front yard. I’m sweaty and scraped up from shoving branches into the back of the van.  As we’re driving over to the recycling yard, he says to me, “I love the way the small of your back peeks out when your shirt hitches up and your pants ride a little low.” I’m thinking, “that is the last thing on my mind”.

Then last night we’re lying in bed and my husband says, “I love it when you’re getting ready for bed.” I’m like, “what do you mean?” He says, “You turn your back to me as you unhitch your bra. It’s the hottest thing ever.” I’m trying to be modest by turning my back and instead I’m tantalizing him.

Song of Songs 2:9  My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Look! There he stands behind our wall, gazing through the windows, peering through the lattice.

My husband has told me many times,

“It’s not what I can see. It’s what I can almost see.”

We get to be our husband’s eye candy as he goes about his day, but it doesn’t necessarily come easily. Many of us have been impacted by men that used their eyes outside of marriage. We have a hard time believing that it’s a good thing for our husband to visually enjoy our body. Most of us also struggle with body image issues. God created us each unique and absolutely beautiful, but we have to believe Him. If you need healing in this area of your life, I encourage you to go after it.

When freedom comes then we get to have some fun with our husband’s eyes. You don’t have to dress immodestly or even necessarily seductively to do it. We just need to act confident and provide a hint of an idea. Embrace that your husband finds you sexy and allow him to imagine what he might look forward to.

Tantalize Him

We can do things to tantalize our husband’s eye. Wear a bra or panties that your husband would love to catch a peek of. Linger while you dress or undress with your back turned. While working, wear tank tops or V-Necks that support and entice. Let a trickle of sweat show the path to the promised land.  Purchase some stockings with seams up the back to wear on a hot date. Have some fun.

Alicia Florrick from the Good Wife pretty much nails the power of suggestion. Dressed in modest conservative suits, everything changes with the addition of a zipper down the front. She exudes confidence and sexiness. It is not just what your wear, it is knowing who you are.

So have some fun, tantalize your husband and see if you can catch him peering through the lattice.

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  1. It’s awesome that your husband tells you such sweet things. That’s a real confidence booster! My husband would never say such sweet things. He’s incredibly shy about talking about things like that. I don’t know if my husband feels that way about me. But since he can’t bring himself to say it, I assume he does not. I wish he did.

    I love these posts and oh how I wish they were for me, too. But for the women with husbands that delight in them, I think this is a great idea!

    • mm

      Don’t give up on your husband. My husband is really quiet too but has slowly gotten more comfortable expressing himself. I had to gently share specific needs and encourage the small steps of growth he has taken.
      Blessings, Ruth

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