Taking an Awaken Love Class on Your Own

You can take an Awaken Love Video class on your own even though it is set up for groups of women. Sometimes women just aren’t ready or willing to take the class with other women. Though the experience will be different, it can still provide the benefit of reading great books, listening to the videos and wrestling with  what you believe about sex.

In order to help you understand the pro and cons, I am sharing  feedback from one of the women who took the Awaken Love Video Class on her own.

The Pros

Time Learning about Sex

She read both Sheet Music, Intimate Issues and Song of Songs and though she didn’t agree with everything in the books, she spent time wrestling with what she did believe. Really that is the whole point of Awaken-Love. To open your mind to ideas and challenge you to decide what you want for you marriage bed.


Because she took the class, she also had several meaningful conversations with her husband about sex that she might not have had otherwise. Repeatedly I hear how taking Awaken-Love opens up conversations with husbands about sex. And when you can talk about sex, you can talk about anything.

New Ideas

She also appreciated some new tips and idea. I don’t really know if this was in reference to physical techniques, creative ideas or what. Women that take Awaken-Love often say that they feel like they leave with enough ideas to keep them busy for years. The journey does not end when the 6-week class ends. We continue work towards creating intimacy in our marriage for the rest of our life.

The Cons

Out of Obedience

It turns out the woman’s husband found Awaken-Love and asked his wife to take the class. God softened her heart and out of obedience she signed up. But I’m not sure she really desired transformation in her life.

The women that I see make real growth during Awaken-Love are women that desire growth. They may be scared to death, but they know things need to change and they are willing to take a step.

No Community

Community spurs us on because we see transformation in other women. We gain courage to take those first steps. Seeing God move in the lives of others also strengthens our faith. The woman that took the class by herself felt like the class was just about sex, because she did not see God move in other women. When I teach Awaken-Love I constantly see God move. The class is not just about sex. We experience God as we strengthen the most vulnerable area of our life – sex.

No Accountability

It’s easy to let things slide when you don’t have a group of women expecting you to show up. If you want to find the time to devote to your sex life, accountability helps. Whether it is making sure you do the reading, giving your husband the massage or sitting down to think about your baggage. We need women in our life to help us prioritize marriage and sex.

Classes on Your Own

I know that taking Awaken-Love in a group of women greatly enhance what you learn, but better to take a class on your own then no class at all.

But only take the class if you want to.

Take the class because you want to have an amazing, intimate marriage with your husband where you find refreshment in each other’s arms. As you discover an intimacy you never imagined possible, you will discover a God that is crazy about you.

If you would like to take Awaken-Love on your own, feel free to register – it’s only $20. Print out a curriculum and track down a used copy of Sheet Music and Intimate Issues.

And then maybe the next time, you will take a few friends on the journey with you.

Blessings, Ruth

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