Sex Must Be Measured Against God’s Design

I’ve read a ton of books filled with different opinions about sex, but the only way I can tell what is good and right, is to measure everything against God’s design. God created sex to get to know each other, to comfort one another, to pleasure and refresh each other, and to make the two of you into one.

Getting to Know Each Other

Are you on a journey of getting to know each other – not just physically, but emotional and spiritually? Have you brought other things into your marriage bed, or is it just the two of you? Are you present during sex – mind, body and soul – or is your mind filled with worry, anxiety or pictures of others? Have you settled into a routine or are you still learning new things? Begin a journey of getting to know each other.

Comfort and Refreshment

Does sex comfort and refresh you or does it feel like one more thing to suck the life out of you? God never intended that sex become a duty. What lie have you believed about sex or about your spouse? Are you serving each other or is sex about what you can take for yourself. Sex is supposed to be this amazing gift that refreshes us and refreshes our spouse.


Is sex pleasurable for both or you? Women’s bodies are very different then men’s but they are capable of experiencing as much pleasure as a man. Educate yourself and discover what works for both of you. Become a lifelong learner that asks and wants to learn more. Communicate freely about your needs and allow yourself to enter into freedom.

God gave us sex to strengthen marriages but we need understand God’s design for sex and we need to live it.

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