Feather Touches – Awaken and Entice her Body

Feather touches awaken our senses and cause every fiber of our body to stand on high alert waiting in anticipation. They are the softest of touches that whisper to us and ask for more. The gentle graze of fingers rustling the hair on an arm. The slow drawl of nails drawn across a palm. The whisper of the breeze through the hair. Feather touches contrast the stillness of solitude with luxurious connection that yearns for more.

God speaks to us through feather touches all the time…

Standing at the water’s edge my eyes gaze across the blue as I behold His creation. I close my eyes to praise Him in stillness and breathe in His goodness. The nerves of my neck gently stand at attention as a quiet breeze catches my hair.  I smile because I know that my God is so very good.

A community of believers worship from their heart, pouring out their soul. The air is thick and even though you can see nothing, person after person comments that the room was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Weeping at Jesus’ feet in the midst of brokenness and surrender, tears stream down my face. I bow in reverence, realizing just how unworthy I am. And then out of nowhere, I feel His fingers gently pass through my hair. I startle with His touch, but no one is there.

Feather touches from God come out of nowhere. They surprise us and yet somehow feel like a taste of home. Gone in an instant they awaken in us a desire for more connection.

Feather touches are also a great way to connect in the marriage bed…

They require laser sharp focus combined with the relaxation of floating down a lazy river in August. Fingertips that feel the hair rise from the skin float effortlessly down arms or legs. The backs of fingernails gently graze goose bump risen skin. Lighter than a feather touch leisurely strolls across insides of elbows, back of knees and inner thighs. Gentle breath whispers behind ears and under hair until shivers rise up. These feather touches awaken us.

Softer than you think, slower than you can imagine, feather touches are the works of an artist. They come out of nowhere and leave you guessing where they will show up next. The artist’s tools are only limited by their imagination – fingers, feathers, brushes, nipples, breath, hair, penis – the possibilities are endless. The creator dabbles with a playfulness that is not controlled by time, pressure or results. Pure enjoyment comes from the gentle strokes that entice.

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  1. I also love the contrast of my husband’s bigger, stronger hand being so gentle against my skin. As if he’s focusing his strength on handling me with even greater tenderness.

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