How to Give your Husband Multiple Orgasms

Men can have multiple orgasms.


MEN can learn to have more than one orgasm.

They can learn how to have an orgasm without an ejaculation. The orgasm will feel different without the ejaculation, but it will still feel awesome. The man will maintain his erection and then can go on to have another orgasm with an ejaculation.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be the best lover in the world for my husband.

Working to help a husband experience male multiple orgasm is a great way to learn all kinds of things about his body.

If you are going to help your husband have multiple orgasms then you have to be able to read his body. To gauge his arousal levels, you will need to be up close and personal –   meaning manual or oral sex. His testicles signal his arousal level and you can read more at What in the World do I do with These.   As he becomes aroused his testicles hug his body closer and closer.

Your husband’s orgasm is not defined by ejaculation, but rather by the rhythmic contractions of his Kegel muscles. When he is highly aroused firm finger pads against his perineum will help you feel the contractions of his Kegel muscles and signal his orgasm, seconds before ejaculation happens.

This is important.

Can you feel his orgasm coming even before he does?

The other thing to pay attention to is the skin on his shaft right under the ridge of his penis. When he is very close to orgasm, the skin feels paper thin and his frenulum becomes more pronounced.

Can you feel the difference?

For a man to experience multiple orgasms a couple of things are essential. A man must strengthen his Kegel muscles and learn to control them through exercises.  He must learn to  consciously relax the muscles as well as strongly flex them. He needs to have total control.

A man must also learn how to relax during sex and not always drive to the finish line. You must fully relax his pelvis area using lots of extended foreplay. He must learn to trust that his body will roll over into pleasure without forcing it. He must also trust that ultimately his wife will get him there.

A helpful book on male multiple orgasm is How to Make Love All Night Long by Barbara Keesling. Even though it is a secular  book, the information is respectfully communicated with no photos.  The book  details specific step by step exercises that a man can work through on his own or with his wife to become multi-orgasmic.

The overall concept is to teach a man to control his arousal levels using different techniques :

  1. Deep slow breathing
  2. Squeezing Kegel muscles – either short quick squeezes or a long squeeze
  3. Change the motion to decrease arousal
  4. Change the focus to something that is less arousing – think about a different part of his body

He first learns to peak at lower levels of arousal using one of the 4 techniques to cool things down.  Gradually  he works to peak at higher levels and still maintain control while backing things off.

Next  he learns to plateau (sit at a particular level of arousal ) for a time using one or all of the techniques and see how long  he can ride the wave. He learns to plateau at lower levels and gradually works towards higher levels of arousal. The goal is for him to be able to plateau at the highest level for a period of time.

Learning to utilize the different techniques to control arousal levels is not only a pathway to multiple orgasms but a good skill for a great lover.

So how do you make male multiple orgasm happen?

First get your husband super relaxed, especially his pelvis area during an extended period of love making. You might spend some time gingerly taking him to lower levels of arousal and then back him down. Let him have a turn with you, and then return to him.  Gradually take him to a higher and higher level of arousal while he stays relaxed. When he gets very close you will notice his testicles hugging his body. Place the pads of your finger firmly against his perineum so that you can feel  when his orgasm begin. As you slowly inch him up over the top and feel the contractions begin in his perineum, stop all stimulation of his penis and firmly hold his penis in your hand or your mouth – especially just below the head. Hopefully his body will continue to roll over into orgasm without ejaculating. If he does not have an orgasm then you can try again. It is like gently taking another running start to trick his body to fall over into orgasm while firmly but gently putting on the breaks.

Keesling suggests a key just at the point of orgasm, is to have him opens his eyes and take a deep breath – somehow it puts the brakes on ejaculation.

Have some fun learning his body and trying new things and see what you can discover.

It might not happen and then one day you might just be surprised and think,

“how cool was that?”

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  1. I read about men’s multiples about a year ago and decided to make it happen for my wife and I. It took me several months to develop my kegels to the point where I could control the ejaculation. At first I could not do it, I would go over the edge every time. Then I could only have two orgasms before I ejaculated. After several months of practice I can have 10 or more orgasms at a session. Sometimes I do not ejaculate because it is almost anti-climatic after experiencing dry orgasms. If I do not ejaculate, I have more sexual energy for other sexual activity then or later in the day. It is great for both of us. My wife thinks she is so powerful to be able to do this to me. One time I decided to see how many orgasms I could have in a row, and I got up to 20 in 20 minutes. If I do it every day, I can only have 8 or 9 orgasms before I wear out and loose sensation. If I wait a day or two, I can have many more in a session. Thank you for this post, I think there is so much to learn about these miraculous bodies that God gave us.

  2. My husband had a prostate procedure so he does not ejaculate but boy, does he ‘o’! He says it’s the best sex of his life now because he doesn’t finish so quickly. We go on for so long I’m worried about his heart! I’m just sharing this so couples who are facing his prostate issues know that it isn’t all bad.

    • mm

      Thank you for sharing. Yes, things might look different as we age or have health issues but sex can still be great if we are open to new possibilities.

    • Lynn, So glad you have found a way to have great sex after surgery. I am 74 and we are having the greatest sex of our lives also with multiple orgasms.

      Could you tell me more about your experience. I would like to be able to help others who have had this surgery. How does your husband achieve multiple orgasms? Any information would be greatly appreciated and helpful to others.

      Thanks, Mike

  3. We, too, are in our 6th decade. The key advice is . . . relax and focus. My wife and I have developed a technique and rythym to bring me to multiple edges and mini-orgasms. Because she enjoys my pleasure as much as I do, it relaxes me and frees me to focus on my pleasure. We find that when we take our time and I enjoy the crests of ecstasy that my when my big O with ejaculate hits, it is long, pulsating, and strong.

    • That is so great to hear! We too have found a key to multiple orgasms. It too has taken us 6 decades. I hope young people can realize that sex never gets old, and that the more couples work on it, the better it becomes.

    • mm

      He says he does about a hundred a few times a day- usually while brushing his teeth in the morning, taking his shower at night and while waiting for the microwave. Only takes a few minutes.

  4. This is too technical and confusiing for us. Having to think about every move we make just makes it like hard work and less enjoyable. Havimg to think about all these steps would probably mean I’ need written instructions on the job.

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