Sensuous Massage

Giving or receiving a sensuous massage can be more vulnerable and intimate then having intercourse. To unveil yourself and relax into the touch of a spouse requires immense sureness and trust. Sensuous massage has been used for years by sex therapists as a launch pad for growth. It removes the intricacies and mechanics of sex and simply focuses on being present and experiencing what you feel.   If you want to relaunch or refocus your sex life, sensuous massage is a great place to start.


Sensuous massage helps to expand the ways we connect and enjoy pleasure during sex. Rather than just focusing on the genitals, time is spent exploring and touching all areas of the body. Couples can discover new zones of enjoyment that may not necessarily lead to orgasm but add to overall pleasure. Areas around the neck, backs of the knees, sides of the breasts or inner thighs are filled with sensitive nerves that can tantalize.


Having a sensuous massage can be a great way to practice relaxing during sex. Between worrying about our next move and feeling nervous about performance, sex can be filled with tension. When we really get to a point of relaxation during sex, our body works at its best and sensations are savored.

Some women have a hard time just receiving. We battle thoughts that we ought to be doing something. We need to learn to lay back, relax and just receive. Sensuous massage is a great way to practice receiving.

Sensuous massage ought to be enjoyable to the person giving the massage too. It should feel good to run your hands over your lovers skin and feel the curves and warmth of their body.

Being Present

One of the main reasons therapists use sensuous massage  is to help couples learn how to be present during sex. In order to bring your mind back from worry or anxiety, redirect your thoughts to the point of connection, the place where their skin touches your skin. How does  it feel?

There are a lot of great articles on giving a massage including this one from Christian Nymphos  Giving a Sensual Massage.

Recently a woman in class that sex that had struggled with sex for years, decided I am just going to go for it. She didn’t tip toe around and tell her husband, “I’m supposed to give you a massage.” She decided what she wanted to do, set it up, surprised her husband and just did it. And you know what? He loved it! He couldn’t stop talking about how great it was. And it has been an impetus for change. They have been give a glimmer of hope and they are going for it, and they are both committed to making their sex life better.

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