God Likes Marriage Steamy Hot

We are in a battle to save marriage

The way we save marriage is by making our marriage so good that our kids say,

“I want that! I want what mom and dad have!”

We save marriage by working on ourselves and learning to love each other like Christ loved the church – by putting our spouse’s needs before ours. We save marriage by committing to never consider divorce, even while working through gut wrenching pain. Rather than complaining about our spouse we take a hard look at ourselves and see what needs to change, and then pleading for God to make it so.  We save marriage by tapping into the gift of sex to make us into one, to find refreshment in each other, and to transform our marriage from lukewarm into steamy hot.

Revelation 3:16 says So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot or cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

God hates it when Christians act lukewarm. When Christians honor him with their mouth, but their heart is far from Him. To them, God is an obligation, a box on their checklist, and a duty. Rather than making real sacrifices, they serve just enough to feel good about themselves. They have no desire to know God or spend time with him and do not understand the depths of His love for them. They take care of themselves and rely on God for nothing. Worship is simply a ritual, void of awe or heart or freedom.

What  really breaks God’s heart is that lukewarm Christians misrepresent Him. Their life does not show who God is – how good He is, how passionate He is, how he has redeemed them, or how crazy He is about them. Lukewarm Christians do not love or forgive or serve like Christ did – putting others first.  When others encounter lukewarm Christians, they become hardened to God and turn away.

Just like God hates it when Christians act lukewarm,

 I believe God hates it when marriages are lukewarm.

God hates a marriage that is just going through the motions. God wants us to have marriages that are passionate and alive. He wants us to open up our heart to our spouse, to share and be vulnerable. He wants us to depend on each other and care for one another. We ought to spend a lifetime getting to know each other. We should count it pure joy to serve one another. And God wants sex to be this amazing delight between the two of us that restores our soul.

A great sex life changes our marriage. It transforms roommates into lovers. It insists that we spend time together face to face, eye to eye, skin to skin. Screens get turned off, lists left behind and we escape together. A great sex life requires hard communication and vulnerability as we journey towards discovering God’s best. Great sex changes us from two people doing life alongside each other to a marriage where others wonder, “what is going on there? I want to know their secret.”

God hates when we have a lukewarm marriage because it misrepresents what He wants marriage to be. Lukewarm marriages harden others to marriage and send them looking for something else.

Marriage is supposed to mirror the intimacy that God wants with us. God wants marriage to be passionate, alive, refreshing and full of trying to out love each other. Marriage is supposed to be a testimony of who He is and what He has done in our lives.

What have you done to make your marriage steamy hot?

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