Sometimes the burden feels so heavy because there is so much brokeness and so little truth about sex- and then I remember that God does the heavy lifting. 

Matthew 7:7 – Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. 

And so I am asking you to join me in prayer for 4 specific things.

Pray for God to raise up women warriors to speak the truth about sexuality…Whether sharing with a friend, facilitating an Awaken-Love class, or starting their own ministry, I am asking that God would light a fire of urgency in sharing God’s truth about sex.

Pray for church leaders to wake up to the need for wholeness in sexuality… Pray for pastors to be equipped with good resources. Pray for open doors to share about Awaken-Love and the impact it has made in marriages. Pray for opportunities for you to share what you have learned on your own journey.

Pray for Godly men to rise up to lead…I believe that an important part of turning the tide about sexuality is men rising up to become protectors of women. Men taking a stance against sexualizing girls to sell products, men showing other men how to live without lusting,  men speaking about the dangers of pornography, and husbands learning to articulate the truth about sex in loving ways to their wife.

Pray for everyone involved in pornography…From kids, men and women that daily battle to stay pure, to actors whose past wounds led them to involvement, to the film crews, stage hands and set designers that make a living somehow numb to what they are creating, to the producers caught in a money trap. Pray that God would wake them up to what they are doing and that He would show them what is good and true and pure, and that God would provide a way out.

Fervently ASK God to do the impossible

and when He does

give Him all the Glory. 

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  1. Yes!!! I resonate so much with these prayer requests. We definitely need to support and affirm women like you and pray for more women to speak the truth about sexuality.
    Blessings to you!!!

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