I have this friend that prays,

“God help me to be interruptible.”

She wants to live so in tune to God, that if He calls her to stop and pray with someone, or help someone in need, she will do it. She will put aside her own plans, her own agenda, trust that God has something for her and step into it. It’s not an easy thing to do, to be interruptible. It takes living in a way, that you hear God throughout your day. You have to let go of control and your own agenda. It takes being flexible, and spontaneous and it takes trusting God.

If our relationship with God mirrors intimacy in marriage…

Then shouldn’t the same be true in marriage and in sex. Aren’t we supposed to be interruptible.

In Song of Songs 5:2-7  in the wee hours of the morning, he comes knocking on her door, asking her to open to him. She hastily replies, I’ve already washed my feet and am settled in bed, must I get up again? By the time she comes around, he has given up and has left.

The timeless issue of a husband approaching his wife for sex, at not the best time. We are tired and need our sleep. Consumed with washing the dishes. Distracted by a big work project the next day and totally stressed. Our favorite reality TV show is on. It doesn’t matter why, but sex is nowhere on our radar… And  then our husband reaches for us.

Will we hear him? …That he feels lonely or disconnected, that he wants to commune with us? Can we put aside our own agenda and step into something that we did not expect? Will we trust that God will get our bodies on board and that He will take care of the rest.

Maybe God is teaching us something by learning how to get on board with our husband. Maybe he is teaching us to let go of control. To trust him, to stop worrying. To make connection more important then getting stuff done. Maybe he is going to show us something new that we might have missed out on otherwise.

Can you be interruptible – even in sex?

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  1. thank you for your blog – so many good things to ponder and put into practice. I only wish when I was a young bride I would’ve been so in tune with how to love my husband … praying for boldness to be a Titus 2 woman and share these healthy marriage truths…may you be blessed with wisdom and peace … and always love…

    • mm

      Thank you for your comment. It is so important that we begin speaking into the lives of younger women. Maybe you should consider taking a group of women through the Awaken-Love video class.

  2. What a great encouragement!! As a husband, I have experienced my wife who has taken on this challenge a few months ago. What a difference it has made in our marriage. I try not to take advantage of her new spirit of cooperation, but fortunately she does the initiation. She senses when I want to have sex with her, and she just reaches out to me. What a blessing.

  3. As an older couple, though involved and engaged with life, ministry, and serving, we now have more chunks of time together than in our earlier years of marriage. It’s taken me a lifetime to learn how to ‘interrupt’ my wife for sex in a way that helps her to adjust to the (my) spontaneity. I’ll say something romantic with innuendo or specifically suggest a rendezvous – not at that moment but when she finds a time to break from what she’s doing. Sometimes it is right away. Sometimes within the hour or after lunch. We’ve had some fun, ‘interruptible’ sex, of late!

    IOW, it’s important ‘how’ a spouse asks, for example, with an appreciation of the task at hand that the other spouse is focused upon. It’s equally important to make an allowance for the other spouse to ‘adjust’ their mindset. In doing so, the interrupted spouse may turn their annoyance of an interruption into a delightful engagement in sex.

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