Blindfold Him

If you want your husband to be more in tune with you during sex, a simple blindfold might be just the ticket. Men are visual. That is how God created them and it is a good thing. But sometimes if we want to stretch and experience life more fully, we need to take away our “go to” sense and challenge our bodies to learn something new. If you want your husband to be more in tune to touch, to use his words, to feel more subtle movements during intercourse, then it might be time to take away his sense of sight – at least for a while. And along the way, it might encourage new growth in you too.

Blindfolding your husband is different than having sex in the dark. It requires him to trust and depend on you in new ways. It also requires you to lovingly, confidently lead him. Don’t make him blind and then leave him searching for you in the dark or feeling frustrated. Take him somewhere by teasing him, waking him up, and showing him what you enjoy. Place his hands where you want them, or his lips or his mouth, or his penis, and enjoy the freedom that God intended for you.

While blindfolded, your husband’s other senses will be on high alert. He will be listening intently to where you are and how you are feeling through your breath and heart beat. His hands and body will be searching for points of connection to touch. His mind will probably attempt to create pictures from what he feels. He may speak words of desire, ask for direction or just share. During intercourse his body will tune into your movements and urging and what may at first feel cumbersome will refine to synergy. He might even more fully experience the presence of God.

A simple blind fold is a tool to learn new things during sex  

and it can be fun too.

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