The Power of Kegel Exercises for Men

The other day my husband came home from work and said, “I had the funniest thing happen today. I was standing at the urinal when one of my colleagues next to me says, “wow, no problem with that flow!”My husband is in his 50’s and for the last 5 years has been faithfully doing Kegel exercises. Sometimes we hear these things about exercise or eating right and we think whatever… so I thought I would share a personal testimony of what impact consistent Kegel Exercises can have….

Improved Urinary Function and Prostate Health

Common to middle aged men, my husband used to have to get up during the night to use the bathroom. He no longer does. The leaky faucet has improved, and according to the guy in the urinal next to him, he has great flow.

Improved Control

I think my husband is more in touch with his own body. He knows how to relax and just enjoy things, or how to drive when he wants to lean in. He trusts his body and because of that he can stop worrying and connect more with me.

Stronger Erections

As men age, erections become less automatic. The refractory period gets longer and erections come and go. In a study done at University of the West in the UK 40% of men that struggled with ED had regained normal function after 3 months of Kegels. I find that statistic staggering. I am thrilled that my husband has committed to do all that he can to keep our options open.

Greater Range of Experiences

Some men exercise their Kegels in order to experience multiple orgasms or stronger orgasms, but it is more than that. Strong Kegel’s has allowed my husband to experience many things that he might not have experienced otherwise. My husband has experienced the gentleness of orgasms that feel like waves washing across the most relaxed and open body. He has experienced the strength of an orgasm evident in the rippling from his lower abs to his nether. My husband has experienced the orgasm that comes like clockwork to the steadiness of a beat in sync with his heart. He has experienced the orgasm that comes from an area deep inside of him and gently flows out. Kegels have helped my husband experience more of life and sex and I love it.

If you want to learn  more about how and why read His and Her Kegels.

My husband exercises his Kegel’s while showering every day. He has gradually worked up to 100 reps of simply contracting and relaxing. He does them for his own health, and he does them for me,  and what a difference it makes.

How have Kegel’s made a difference in your sex life?

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  1. It is good to see a post on men’s healthy sexual functioning and a concern for husbands. With so much attention given to women and helping them achieve orgasms, sometimes men’s sexuality is taken for granted. Being able to experience (and enjoy) a wide range of sensations and being able to orgasm strongly in middle age are great experiences for husbands.

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