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A little grooming can go a long ways for both husband and wife. We need to be oh so considerate of each other when we are intimate. That means fresh clean bodies, clean smooth hands, trimmed nails and yes maybe – groomed pubic hair. 

You can create new terrain and new sensations through grooming. Remove all your hair, leave a landing strip, or you can trim it. You can talk about it in advance or deliver a surprise wrapped in a bow. Dive all the way in, or gradually get your feet wet.


Some people remove all of their hair by having it waxed. I have to admit waxing is not an option I have ever been brave enough to try. The thought of literally pulling out the hair by the root, with the remotest chance that it might take a little skin, scares me to death. But I have been tempted. I can imagine staying silky smooth for more than a few hours would be awesome.


If you are not prone to ingrown hairs or razor burn, and don’t want to go thru the pain or expense of waxing,  shaving might be a good option. Sometimes letting your hair grow a few days between shaves can minimize problems – sometime not. Others hate shaving because of itching during regrowth. We are all different so you probably won’t know until you try it. Be sure to use a good shaving cream and razor and then stick with what works. You can shave completely bare or have fun leaving different landing strips.


Laser hair removal is becoming more popular as a permanent solution for some people. It is most effective for people with fair complexions and black or brown hair. The cost of 1-2 thousand dollars might seem like a lot, but you will never have to deal with hair removal again.


Some people are content using clippers to trim hair and keep it close and tidy. Upkeep is less frequent and skin irritation eliminated while reaping the benefits of grooming. There are tons of options available for clippers.

Some people keep things the same all the time. Others change it up for special occasions. Some people let the seasons determine their style. Some couples consider grooming each other an intimate trust building activity.

In my class this fall, one of the women asked about grooming for husbands. Many in the class chimed in with, “Heck yeah,” so grooming is definitely not just for women. And grooming is not just about a different look – it is a different feel.

So if you’ve never tried grooming, consider checking out some options and see what you can discover.

What works for you?

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  1. Tried it. My wife does not like the prickly feeling of short regrowing hair. I cannot shave every time because we make love too often and too spontaneously. So, I let it grow until it is soft, then keep it at that length. I don’t let it get so long that it interferes with our oral love making. When trying to get smooth, I have tried hair clippers, safety razors and electric shavers. I keep nicking myself. Blood is not my favorite. What kinds of shavers do you suggest?

    • mm

      Our personal experience involves using a hair clipper with a number 2 comb attached. Be sure to pull the skin smooth to avoid getting nicked.

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