Riding the Train

I just celebrated my 29th anniversary with my husband Jim and I am just going to say he knocked it out of the park. He planned a surprise overnight on a Bed and Breakfast Train in Wisconsin!

I picked him up at work with a small overnight bag in the afternoon. We drove a couple of hours through beautiful country roads lined with the most beautiful fall colors of green, gold, orange and red leaves. We checked in at the train at 5 pm and were swiftly shown to our room to relax before dinner. It was an old train, with narrow aisles and when we saw our room we just busted up laughing. 


Happy Anniversary

Our beds were 2 tiny bunk beds along the window. The bathroom was so small that the sink tipped out of the wall above the toilet. We could not pass by each other without one of us sitting on the bed.


My ever resourceful husband had smuggled a bottle of red wine on board and 2 small plastic wine cups. So we quickly closed our door and sat down for a little foot rub before dinner.

At 6:00 pm the train started a slow trek to view the leaves. The ride would only last 3 hours. The rest of the night would be spent parked at the station as we enjoyed the amenities on board. The scenery was beautiful as dinner was served. But we were very aware the clock was ticking. Once the sun went down we had some private exploring to do while the motion of the train created a new dimension for connection.

We skipped dessert and zipped back to our room. Past senior citizen after senior citizen that probably figured twin berths was not a bad way to go. We had to practically hop on one foot to strip down and tumbled into bed laughing all the way. Let me tell you things were cozy. But as the darkness whirred by and the gentle jostling of the old tracks tossed us around, we were suspended in time.img_2380

We slid easily into sleep after so much fun. But by morning we had resorted to sleeping with our heads at opposite ends of the bed to create more space.

In the old days, I might have been really hard on my husband for booking a room with 2 tiny bunk beds for our anniversary. But honestly, this was one of the funnest trips we have taken. We laughed and laughed and we marked something off of our bucket list that everyone ought to experience at least once in a life time –

Sex on a Moving Train

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  1. We didn’t have much time or money to honeymoon, but were lucky enough to go to Hawaii (stayed with extended family) for our first anniversary. We got two nights away, ALONE, in Maui, and it was the perfect anniversary celebration!

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