Woven Together – A Comfortable Manual Stimulation Position

Many women describe orgasms from masturbation or manual stimulation as their most physically intense and well defined orgasm. Because there is less distraction than during intercourse, women can focus on what they feel and experience. Hands and fingers  provide plenty of clitoral stimulation and orgasms can top the charts. But sometimes it’s hard finding a comfortable manual stimulation position.

Instead of feeling guilty that orgasms during intercourse are not as strong, what if wives shared the amazing experience of manual orgasms with their husband? What if an orgasm was so strong that a husband could see or feel pelvic floor muscles contract? Wouldn’t that be awesome.

I think that many manual stimulation positions can feel awkward. Somehow it seems like the husband’s hand is always in the wrong position. Tired wrists and weird angles can make it hard for a husband to get the hang of things. Recently we stumbled on a manual stimulation position that felt very natural and connecting.

Of course, smooth hands, lots of lube and connected movements are a given. See my article on Rubbing vs Feeling – Manual Stimulation

Get into Position

To get in the Woven Together position, spoon with the wife in front, but with the her hips rotated so she is lying more on her back. The husband can wrap one arm under her neck to gain access to her breasts. The upper arm can wrap around and drape onto her vulva. His hand should gently rest on her body.  Basically, Woven Together puts his hand in the position of where her hand would naturally fall. The wife can leave things to her husband or she can naturally intertwine her hand with his to provide some guidance. Gently turning her head will provide access for kissing and talking.

Woven Together is a position that feels natural to many women. It provides connection and warmth while giving the husband great access. Give it a try. Show your husband what works. Let him feel your body.

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  1. Due to physical and aging issues, intercourse has been a limited option recently. Manual stimulation has become our go to technique and yes, it can produce an incredible orgasm. As a husband, I can affirm that it is awesome to watch, hear and feel her climax this way. Manual stimulation is not new to us – we used it in the past if she did not orgasm from intercourse. What matters most is that my wife orgasms, so I’m fine with whatever method she chooses to achieve this goal. She enjoys it, deserves it and reinforces that sex is not just for me.

    Thank you for describing the Woven Together approach. It will be fun trying it! We have also discovered some very exciting manual stimulation positions and techniques as well 😉

      • Thank you for the compliment, but God is the one who deserves the credit for blessing both of us! I accept your invitation to share special things that work for us in the hope it will bring immense pleasure to others.

        Our usual position for manual stimulation is somewhat similar to the woven together one you described. My wife is on her back with me on my side and to her right. My right hand is in a comfortable position to stimulate her. We prefer my left arm by her side which allows me to caress her inner thighs or other sensitive areas. This position also allows her right hand to touch me as she pleases, plus her left hand is free to guide me if desired.

        We recently discovered a new position and technique. I will try to describe it without being too explicit. Have the wife on her back and the husband by her left side. After foreplay, have the husband switch position so he is ‘reversed and above her’… a modified 69 position except his lower body remains to the left instead of straddling her. It may seem a bit awkward for him – especially if you have a soft bed or foam mattress – but the husband’s view is well worth it (see Ruth’s Up Close and Personal post from April 14, 2016). If the wife is willing, have her manually stimulate herself with her right hand. The husband will have both hands free to caress those special areas she enjoys – plus he can sensually kiss her lower body. And her left hand is free to caress him as well, should she so desire.

        Assuming the wife does not object to touching herself, this is a sure fire way to give her an amazing orgasm. (If she objects, try the alternative of the husband stimulating her with his right hand.) For the husband, the beauty of this position is that it incredibly engages all 5 senses. The sight of her below along with periodic glances at her eyes; the sound of her breathing and orgasm; the feel of her building and climaxing; the taste of kissing her and the wonderful aroma of her body. My wife and I highly recommend trying this. And just as Ruth has encouraged me to share our positions and techniques, we would also love to hear your comments and/or methods of manual stimulation.

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