Touch Through the Layers

Before you got married, do you remember how hot you got when all you could do was touch each other through layers of clothes?

Taking advantage of a fabric barrier can be a great way to change things up. Feeling thru fabric can tease, entice, create new sensations and just plain be fun!

It might be that you come to bed with your bra on and let your husband enjoy the sight of something that is a little unreachable. As he enjoys the silk of the cups holding what he really wants, fingers begin to search for signs of your body awakening, until he has to have more.

It might be that a chance to cuddle in front of a movie, turns into gently caressing  his inner thigh. As he realizes what you have in mind, you can feel his outline pushing for more. Nobody has to be aware anything is going on as you press into creating some amazing sensations for him.

It might be a thin worn shirt that hugs your body in all the right places as you sleep. Whether he touches you with his hands or sucks right thru the fabric, you know that what you have mesmerizes him – even thru a veil.

It might be covering him with a single layer of cloth and then with your mouth. As your tongue strokes the fine threads of the fabric, vibrations transmit into his body.

Whether it is silk, cotton, satin, coarse, smooth, thick or thin – fabric can wake up your body, entice, and tease. And when you remove the fabric …

well that is all I am gonna say. 

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