Trying to Be Quiet Adds to the Excitement

Trying to be quiet during sex is tough!

We have gotten used to an empty house and the freedom to be as loud as we want, but recently we took an adult vacation with another couple. Spending time with my husband in the mountains, touring God’s creation could only lead to one thing – great sex. With our room right next to the other couples, we had to be extra quiet –  but in a way, it just added to the excitement.


Operating in silence forced us to focus on our other senses. We set up a small flashlight to provide the perfect mood lighting. We had just enough light to make out each other while casting wonderful shadows that danced on the wall. The dead silence magnified the sound of our breathing as it broadcast our levels of excitement. Touch was luxurious and slow as we moved stealthily in the dead of night. Not a move was wasted. Not a sound was missed. Eyes caught eyes and communicated what words could not.

Don’t miss out on unique opportunities to connect when the situation arises. You might not know what you are missing.

How has silence changed how you experience sex?

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  1. Are “loud” vocal expressions common for most people? Or is that just Hollywood? My wife never says a peep. Even during an O the most she will do is a slight murmur. I will “grunt” a little during my O but not too much. The few times I have wanted to be more vocal, like in a motel, she has told me to shush. Is it common to “let loose”? Really?

    • mm

      I don’t know that “loud” expressions are common, and certainly I would not measure free vocal expression by Hollywood’s standards. What I will tell you, is that many women are very aware if someone else is within earshot during sex – no matter how loud or quite they typically are. Worrying about whether someone else can hear can shut a woman down in a hurry. As a couple gains freedom, communication may be words, moans, breathing, or whatever – but it is about having the freedom to express themselves – not about putting on a show. Blessing as you enjoy this journey with your wife.

  2. Not to put too fine a point on this, but the first year we were married, we visited an aunt–our first trip as a married couple. There was, for the first time, no work stress. We were free. We listened to music and sang along, all the way, holding hands and touching. She wore–well never mind–but she was beautiful and her eyes sparkled like the color of the ocean we drove beside on the way down. We had not made love in a couple of days, due to work pressures. Her aunt took us out to eat, and when we went home to go to bed, she showed us to her guest bedroom, with TWIN beds. My wife insisted this was fine, but her aunt said, “No, you’re married, you should sleep “together”. She pushed the beds together, and left the room. We got into bed, and I leaned in a for kiss, and, man, the rest is history. I can only say it was the most amazing lovemaking I’ve experienced, with her whispering to me, to please be quiet. The A/C would go off, and we wouldn’t make a sound, except for breathing. Then the A/C would come back on, to cover our lovemaking sounds. The next day her aunt made us breakfast, and it was delicious. She winked when she put the plate in front of me. One of my best, most cherished memories.

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