The Heat is On – Get Nude and Create Some Fun Together

We are in the middle of the dog days of summer. The enthusiasm for warm, sunny, sweaty days has worn off and we are just laying low, until things cool off a bit. But don’t miss a chance to take advantage of conditions that don’t require clothes for warmth. Turn off the air conditioning for a while, get nude and create some memories.

Watch a movie in the nude

Cover the couch with a blanket or sheet, find a movie that both of you enjoy, and stretch out to enjoy the show. Notice what it feels like to set your body free, sneak peaks of  your spouse, and take a stroll with your fingers.

Cook in the nude

Surprise your spouse by cooking in nothing but an apron. Serve a meal that is filled with sensuous finger food. Set a beautiful table and enjoy his eyes on you as he chooses to feast on you.

Play a game in the nude

Have some fun as you play your favorite game or video game in the nude. Or test your concentration by trying to work a puzzle while distracted by the view of your spouse’s body.

Work in the nude

Make all those projects that you have been putting off a lot more enjoyable by doing them together in the nude. Clean out your closet, clean the bathrooms, or sort out the junk drawer together and have some fun.

Read together in the nude

Enjoy a leisurely time reading out loud to each other in the nude. Enjoy Song of Songs, a Psalm, or your favorite book.

Get Creative

Pose your sweetheart in your favorite position as you try to capture their essence. Try your hand at painting, pastels or even photography. Have some fun and just enjoy visually studying them, recreating their curves on paper, and capturing their glow.

Don’t miss out on having some fun. Get comfortable in your own skin and enjoy letting your spouse enjoy the view.


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  1. Our son was away last week so I sent this list to my husband and asked him which one he would want to do. He said watch a movie naked. So we did two nights in a row. The next night we had our daughter over and we missed that special time together. We both wished we would have thought of doing this over the last 30 years of our marriage.

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