Legs Together – Oral Sex for Her

Legs Together is  an interesting variation on oral sex that your wife may enjoy more than you expect.

Media portrays sex with the women’s legs spread wide apart in order to get the best camera angle. But for many women, orgasm comes easier with the legs together. Stretching her legs out front and flexing her pelvis, she can generate tension that helps create orgasm.


To get into the position, the wife should lay on her back with her legs together. The husband can gently lay over her legs with his mouth even with her vulva. He can use his tongue to gently separate her outer lips as he attempts to reach sweeter spots. With less access, he will end up paying lots of attention to the shaft of her clitoris and folds of skin surrounding the clitoral head. With less territory to explore, he can focus more on using pressure and focused movements.  He can alternate up/down movement with side to side movement to create variety. He will also have ample access to feel her waist and breasts with his hands as he gently arouses her.

She will love the feel and strength of his body gently covering her. Limited stimulation from his mouth will tantalize and tease her causing her body to yearn for more direct contact.

As she becomes more aroused, she can facilitate more direct stimulation by flexing her pelvis up and out in an attempt to open up more. The husband or the wife can also use their hands to pull on her mound to widen the access. She will have plenty of resistance to push against as she creates energy and moves toward orgasm.

As she finishes, the husband can hold her and wrap her up in his arms.

Legs Together position for oral sex will feel completely different for the wife as she enjoys teasing, a less direct touch, and being firmly grounded by her husband.  It will also challenge a husband to tune into some of the subtleties of his wife’s body and see what he can discover. Give it a try.

Note: This position might provide the perfect excuse for her to try some personal grooming. 


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