Sporking – a variation on spooning


 a simple variation on spooning…

but sometimes small tweaks can make HUGE differences.

Spooning is a great position but lacks face to face intimacy. This subtle tweak changes the whole ball game.

To get into the position, start by having intercourse in the spooning position. Husband and wife lying on their side, with him behind. When the wife is ready, she can take her upper leg and put it on the other side of her husband. Her body will rotate slightly towards her back as her knee gently bends to open her up so that her foot sits on the bed behind him.

Sporking provides a wonderful view for a husband to watch his wife’s face. He will have great access to manually stimulate her clitoris or her breasts.  The wife will feel her husband’s body behind her – holding and encompassing her – but have the freedom to move like she wants. She can use her foot on the bed to leverage the movement that she desires.

Sporking is a great way for a wife to enjoy the feel of being held but have the freedom to move, while a husband enjoys the view.


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