V DAY – Video Day

Tomorrow, Melanie and I begin 3 days of  filming the women’s Awaken-Love Video Series.

We are excited to finally get rolling and hear the first,


Our desire is to let go of our notes and just TEACH like we have done so many times.

We are imperfect, unpolished, ordinary women that have submitted ourselves to being used by God and we are trusting that He is going to show up.


Will you please pray for us over the next 3 days?

Blessings, Ruth and Melanie

IMG_0438 (1)melanie-sq-web




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  1. Yes! You are on my calendar already and I’ve got you covered ;). I think about you SO FREQUENTLY and you can count on a steady stream of prayers from me….

  2. We are praying. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be used by God in this important way. He has already shown up and has gone before you in this ministry. Rest in that knowledge and be blessed.

  3. Of course I will be praying!
    You have inspired me so many times in the past few years
    I am look forward to watching your new awaken love videos
    Thank you so so much

  4. Marie Valentino-Cook

    YES, I will pray for you both!

    Will you be able to supply the men, who have signed up for your Men’s Edition, with videos of the 4 classes? I know my husband wants to see/hear what you have to teach but works most evenings.
    Marie Valentino-Cook

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