Side by Side Position

Sometimes sex is more about the connection than anything else.

We enjoy the pleasure – but we just want to feel so in tune with our husband or wife – that the connection takes precedence. We want to be in sync with our spouse – not one of us leading or one of us following.  No one is directing or even verbally communicating – but two  just moving as one. Side to Side position is a great way to focus on connection.

Ephesians 5:21 – Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

Side by Side is face to face intercourse while lying on your sides. There is no dominant role or passive role – just the interplay between the two. Movements become smaller and subtler and the intensity of stillness can make the power of connection much more obvious. Eyes lock, lips lock and skin meshes with skin. The dance of bodies pressing into and pushing back inter plays with the grasp for togetherness. Bodies stretch out, tense, arch and release as every sensation of the other is seen and felt.

The easiest way to get into the Side by Side position is to start with the wife on top straddling her husband. When she is ready, the wife can gently lay forward while stretching out her legs. Gradually, both roll to the side while holding each other. Once on their sides, legs come together and bodies outstretch. Pillows might be slid out of the way as the firmness of the mattress contrasts the soft flesh of your bodies.

Take your time, focus on each other and move as one.

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  1. This is one that I seriously need a picture, cuz I cannot figure out where everyone’s legs are. How is he not laying on her leg? Is her other leg thrown over his? If her legs are together how does he stay in? Or is my hubby just too big that this is not possible which is why I can’t picture it? There is no feasible way I can think for us to be parallel to one another on our sides because he is too big; we can’t get the angle right because of his gut. 🙁

    • mm

      Yes, you are both laying on your sides, face to face. This position might be problematic if either one of you has a large belly.

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