Electric Connection – Breast Sex

One of the most sensitive and erotic areas of a woman’s body are her nipples.

One of the most sensitive and erotic areas of a man’s body is his penis.

And when the two come together, it can be


Breast sex can be a sensual and erotic experience for both the husband and the wife. While a wife relaxes with her arms gently clasped above her head, a husband can straddle his wife’s waist on his knees. Taking advantage of an amazing view, his hands can leisurely massage her sides, inside arms and around the breasts to warm her up. He can tease nipples with light accidental brushes of his hands as he makes his way from one side to the other. Every part of her body should relax besides the tension slowly built where he fixes his eyes. Eventually, he can gently massage the areola, the dark circle around the nipple,  to further awaken her body.

When she is ready, the husband can slide up far enough  to reach her nipples with his penis. While she watches, he can use his hand and his pelvis to gently push the head of his penis up and across her nipple. First one breast and then the other. If she wants stronger pressure, she can take some lube and use her hand to hold his penis against her nipple as he thrusts forward. If she wants additional stimulation on her clitoris, he can use his hand, or she can use hers.

This position is all about the view.

For him – a close up view of the most sensitive part of his body joining with her mesmerizing breasts and watching her eyes as she abandons to pleasure.

For  her – a close up view of his manhood yearning for her, his eyes gazing on her breasts and his face as he is overcome with pleasure.


 may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love.  Proverbs 5:19

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  1. This sounds amazing. Can’t wait to try this with my wife. She always (well most of the time) loves me to caress her breasts. This may take it us to another level.

  2. I have to say honestly, I am amused when I see my husband holding them in his hands (if I am straddling his lap), like a boy with his toys – I get a feeling of my own power! He is enough of a man that I can tell him this and I think it turns him on even more. There is more to pleasure than just physical feelings, as of course you already know.

  3. Wow! What? Sorry, i never thought IdI’find this on a Christian web site but I’m very glad I did:-). What a wonderful expression of God’s love and playfulness to one another.

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