Getting to Know Your Wife’s Body

orchidYour wife has an amazing body that is capable of endless possibilities but can seem overwhelming and nonsensical to understand. If you are not careful, you might miss many of the small nuances that make your wife’s body special. The next few weeks, I will attempt to demystify the female body. We will spend time talking about her anatomy, how it likes to be touched, and suggest some ways to get to know her.

First we go down to the garden – that hidden, mysterious valley than can seem oh so confusing. Certainly her body is not as defined and visibly obvious as your penis, but with focus you will learn some amazing things.


11-x-17-female-external-genitalia-croppedBasic Anatomy

When a woman spreads her legs apart the visible area is called the vulva, or “garden.”

The mons pubis, or the mound, is a fleshy pad that protects her pubic bone. It is covered with hair and may enjoy your hand gently covering it or even stretching it up towards her belly during stimulation of her clitoris – similar to having the base of your penis held.

The labia majora, or outer lips, are the fleshy pillows that protect your wife’s vagina. Hair grows on the outside and the skin is soft. The outer lips are similar to your scrotum. They enjoy light touching to warm her up. They may also enjoy some gentle tugging or stretching or even pulling apart as a way to increase tension in the pelvic area during times of higher arousal.

Inside the outer lips are the labia minora, or inner lips. The inner lips are smooth, hairless flaps of skin. From woman to woman they vary incredibly in size, shape and color. Some women have inner lips small enough to tuck inside the outer lips while others are longer and they dangle below. Some are pink, some are brown and others purplish. Some have smooth edges while others are scalloped. Every woman is unique and God’s handiwork. The inner lips are similar to the shaft of the penis; they enjoy connected stroking and are a path to the real sweet spots.

At the top, the inner lips come together to form the hood, a movable fold of skin which protects the head of the clitoris. The folds of skin around the clitoris, similar to the ridge of the penis, are where stimulation ramps up towards orgasm.

The clitoral head may be visible or you may need to gently pull up on the hood to see the head of the clitoris. The small pea sized nub is packed with 8,000 nerves – twice the number of nerves that the head of the penis contains.  Most women do not enjoy direct stimulation of the head of the clitoris, except maybe at very high points of arousal. Similar to the head of the penis, the head of the clitoris can become painfully sensitive after orgasm.

In 1998, through the use of MRI’s, scientists discovered that the clitoris is actually made up of a lot more than what you can see externally.  The clitoral shaft goes from the head of the clitoris, up and into her body. Clitoral legs with glans extend down and around the vagina in the shape of a wishbone. When a women is aroused, the shaft engorges and feels like a cord, and the glans engorge with blood to hug the vagina. Basically what you need to understand is that there is a lot more to discover than what meets the eye.

Inside the inner lips between the clitoris and the vagina is the urethral opening,  which she urinates through.  It is a small opening that you will not see or feel unless you pull on the surrounding skin to stretch it open. There are plenty of nerves in this entire area that feel good with smooth, gentle connected movements.

Below the urethral opening is a larger opening, the vagina, which we will talk about in a couple of weeks.

The area between the vagina and the anus is called the perineum and is filled with nerves, especially as you approach the anus. It enjoys gentle stroking and massage.

A woman’s body is filled with possibilities to explore. Don’t miss next week when I walk you thru step by step going – “Down to the Garden.”

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Ruth Buezis


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