We Want to Start a Revolution

We want the church – every man and woman that knows Jesus Christ as their Lord – to take back sex from the world.

We want men and women to realize the amazing power that sex has – power to destroy – but also power to make us into one.

We want men and women in the church to live as a community of believers that care about each other – even their sexuality.

We want men and women to begin a lifelong journey of growing in intimacy with their spouse that in turn brings them closer to God.

We want men and women to speak truth about God’s gift of sex – to each other, to their kids and to the lost.

We have seen God move through this blog and our speaking opportunities, however

 His greatest impacts have been witnessed through the Awaken-Love classes where marriages have been transformed when women and men gain a true understanding of what God intends for their sex life.

 This fall we want to make Awaken-Love classes available to every married woman by creating a six week interactive Awaken-Love video series and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

With the video series, women will simply invite friends into their living room to join them for an Awaken-Love study. They will learn God’s truth and design for sex. They will see God work in powerful ways as they experience healing from past baggage and freedom from lies.  Women will share respectful, encouraging conversations and learn to talk about this amazing gift of sex within marriage. They will have a new understanding of intimacy with God and with their husband.  God will change their marriage and it will be a testimony to the world.

This video study will use the same curriculum, homework, group discussions and supporting materials as our in-person classes, but the weekly teaching will come from the videos.  The videos will be formatted to provide some teaching, then prompt the women to pause the video to discuss specific questions, followed by more teaching and more discussion. No teachers needed; the study will be led by one of the women in the group serving as the facilitator. We want it to feel like Melanie and I are sitting in your living room teaching.

We constantly hear about the need for more Awaken-Love classes and have been praying about how to meet the need for months.  Then God plopped the answer right in our laps.

God has already provided opportunities for women to test the concept of video classes, an amazing videographer that desires to strengthen marriages and half of the cost for producing the video study through the generous support of my church.


We need to raise an additional $5,000.

The money raised will be used exclusively for costs associated with producing and distributing the video study.  Any money that comes into the ministry is utilized to make Awaken-Love classes available to more women.  Melanie, other teachers and I are all volunteers and do not receive any income from the ministry.

Melanie and I are filming this Awaken-Love women’s video series in early June.  The video series will be available to small groups of women by the fall of this year.

Will you consider partnering with us to make Awaken-Love available to any married woman that desires to Claim God’s Powerful Gift?

We Want to Start a Revolution!

We invite you to join us by:

  1. Praying for the Awaken-Love ministry.
  2. Praying about hosting and/or facilitating a group of women using the Awaken-Love video study in the fall.
  3. Donating funds toward the video production and distribution online or by mailing a check to Awaken-Love, P.O. Box 41624, Plymouth, MN 55441. We need to raise an additional $5,000 by the end of May.  Donations are not tax deductible, but are greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps. 

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  1. Most Christian couples are suffering in the bedroom and the devil is taking advantage . Many came to marriage with the demonic philosophy about sex . We need a revival in the bedroom . The Anointing is not only the pulpit but goes to the bedroom also . Sex is God’s idea for his children to enjoy it the most . Let’s study to show ourselves approved in the bedroom . Sexual intimacy is a form of worship between two souls . Shalom !!!

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