Tapping into our own creativity is really just another way to let our spouse know us. This week, the men get to plan the fun.

Time to find your playful side….

blanket fortThis week build a fort for the two of you to have some fun in. If you have young kids, it could be part of your playtime with them and then left up after their bedtime for the some extracurricular activities. If you don’t have young kids to disguise your burst of creativity, then you may have to be sneakier. Use the back of the couch, cushions on edge, or chairs to support the roof. Drape thin sheets to create a sheer fort built for intimate connection.  Use clamps, clothespins or lamp poles to support the roof. Build a bed of soft blankets and pillows and gather everything your wife might need – like lube, a towel or a vibe. If your wife needs to feel secure, then build the fort in a room that can be locked. Bring a flashlight for night time exploration or hang some Christmas lights for a romantic atmosphere. If you feel really creative, dress for the part – think African safari, backpacker, or Egyptian tent.


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  1. Two years ago on V-Day, I planned an evening, Sent my wife to the store to get milk, (I made sure we were out, lol) While she was gone I got out our Yule log Fireplace DVD, It has a beach fire scene on it. I got the double bed mattress from the spare room and put it in the middle of the living room floor. I spread a tan covered blanket over the mattress. Turned off the lights and lit a couple candles. I had put out bullet vibe and lube in the cabinet under the TV. I got out the picnic basket and had chex mix and fiddle faddle popcorn snack, and a bottle of wine and paper cups. I had our outdoor folding chairs set up where out love seat had been (slid that into the dining room. ) I turned up the furnace so it would be hot on our “beach”.
    When she came home, totally surprised, I laid her on the “beach” and in the firelight, slowly removed her clothing, I spent several minutes on each and every one of her curves, drifting my hands and fingers on to new curves as I undressed them and returning to the already naked ones. It was all I could do to keep it slow.
    When She was completely naked, basking in the firelight, I ripped off my clothes and lay by my naked, beautiful wife, fulfilling a long time fantasy of ours: Sex On The Beach!
    We never did use the bullet or the lube, lol. After a wonderful time of lovemaking, I wrapped each of us in a beach towel, and we sat in the beach chairs and ate our snacks and watched a movie.
    We made love again when we went to bed that night.

    This took a little planning but not a lot of money. We are not young, perfect body people, We were 55 years old at the time. The dim lighting covered our flaws, stretch marks and age spots.
    Men, If you are doing something like this, consider your wife and adapt to how she feels about her body, and her insecurities. You may need to cover her with a beach towel as you start to undress her. For her, it is about the experience.
    Ladies, If you are going to do this for your husband, get naked first. Remember we are visual beings.

  2. I am grinning so big thinking about making a tent and thinking about what my husband might come up with in his creativity. Anticipation amps up the desire! Thanks for this fun idea!

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