Sometimes planning for the date is as much fun as the date itself. This week ladies, you get the pleasure of planning…



Did you know that our husbands enjoy thinking about sex almost as much as having it? As an extra bonus, when your husband is thinking about sex, his body literally switches into high gear to produce more ejaculate. Which in turn results in a stronger orgasm for him!

Creating Anticipation

This week’s date is all about creating anticipation for your husband over the course of several days.

  1. Check your calendar and decide when the date will take place. Think about some details that you might subtly embed in your husband’s mind during the next few days. Things like his favorite bedtime outfit that you wear. What favorite thing do you do to him? What is his favorite location, or even the favorite thing that you ask him to do to you.
  2. Figure out at least 3 different times and ways to drop a different hint about your upcoming date. For example –
  • 3 days before the date tell him that you have a date planned for just the two of you on ________ at ______________in __________.
  • 2 days before the date, tell him that you are going to be wearing his favorite outfit on the date, or text him a picture of you wearing it with a message “looking forward to our date tomorrow.”
  • The morning of the date before he goes to work, whisper explicitly what you plan to do to him that night or what you would like him to do to you, or email it to him as an attachment labeled “TOP SECRET.”

Be sensitive and discerning about making the communication enticing but also private and discreet between just the two of you. 

  1. On the date night, when he gets home, let him know that the date is on by making eyes with him, sneaking a great kiss behind closed doors or playing with his toosh.
  2. Execute the date.
  3. Mission accomplished.

Ruth Buezis

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