I think that women have this idea that we are supposed to be the ones that are romanced and that our husbands don’t really care about that stuff. I looked up the definition of romance…

Romance -a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

I think that it is time for women to step up in making marriage romantic – exciting and mysterious.

Date Number 3 is for wives to plan.


Invite your husband for an evening of dancing in the comfort of your bedroom using this invitation…


Set up the bedroom with Christmas lights, candles and some great dancing music. Wear a sexy outfit – maybe something that has buttons or zippers down the front so it can be accessed gradually.

When your husband arrives for his date, take him in your arms to dance. Enjoy moving together and just feeling each other’s bodies thru dancing. When the time is right, enjoy leisurely working his tie and buttons. Dance your way right into each other.

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