I have had a lot of great sex in 28 years of marriage but the memories that stick in my head are the times when my husband planned something special. He did not have to spend a lot of money or time – sometimes it was as simple as him starting a fire and spreading a blanket on the floor. But I knew my husband was thinking of me. 

Men, step up and make some memories with your wife. This weeks date is about as simple as it gets…

Date number 2 is for husbands to plan.

Tasty Delights

Buy a can of whipped cream and feast on your spouse. Use it on your wife’s breasts or her tummy and enjoy the sweet, silky sensation of warming her up with your mouth.

Warning – Whipped cream can wreak havoc on your wife’s vulva and vaginal area, so steer clear of this area with the whipped cream.

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  1. First let me say I’ve been reading your posts for months and I find them very informative. I thought last week’s suggestion was good.

    In our marriage I (the husband) am the one who plans the intimate special adventures so I would offer I have a little experience. My wife and I’ve had some good times with my intimate adventure plans.

    With that short backdrop, I would offer that this post is not on par with last week’s post. Whip cream is not the best food product for sexual adventures as you noted and this is too easy. May I suggest some mood or atmosphere additions. Candles, music, dim lights, etc. I would also suggest a massage with say coconut oil instead of the whip cream. You can get it anywhere and, unlike other massage oils, it doesn’t have a bad taste in case ones tongue is used in the massage.

    Just some thoughts and feedback. Men can do better than simple whipped cream.

    • mm

      Hopefully you will find my future posts more to your liking. Feel free to adapt however you feel the need – the point is to have some fun outside the norm. And yes, I was trying to make the first one very doable for the men – maybe I underestimate the men that follow my blog. But for men who don’t follow the blog and whose wives forward this post, it might be a small step in intentional creativity and thinking outside the box, that hopefully will encourage them.

  2. A suggestion. Pick up your wife afther work, make sure the bathtub is filled, put some candles on the side, add a glass of wine and let het be for at least half an hour. Then dry her of and give her a good massage while there is nice music on the background. She, ll love it!

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