Your Husband’s Perineum – New Territory to Explore

The Perineum, commonly called the taint is the territory between his testicles and his anus. It may be an area where a husband is very aware of the possibilities of pleasure or has absolutely no clue what he is missing out on. It is our privilege to help him discover just how amazing his body is.

The bundle of nerves that services your husband’s sexual organs travels past the anus, down the middle of the perineum, and then some continue into the penis. Men that have painful sex are sometimes treated with massage of this nerve system. Perineal massage can feel good and contribute to overall genital health for every man. Simply find the cord close to the anus, place the pad of a finger on each side, and gently rock your fingers side to side as you slowly work your way towards the penis. It should feel good, like a relaxing back massage. If it hurts, you are using too much pressure. Some people say that perineal massage even helps with prostate health so massage this area on a regular basis.

If you are going to enjoy this area of your husband’s body during sex, it is essential that your husband shower. You do not want to find any dingle berries hanging or foul smells wafting about. You want him fresh and clean.

Build Trust

It is not uncommon for husbands to get nervous as we venture further south, away from what they are most familiar with – their penis. Be sensitive to him, respect his wishes, and build trust gradually. Initially you may have to thoroughly warm up his body and help him relax before he can enjoy stimulation of the perineum. Combine gentle stroking or scratching of his perineum during manual or oral stimulation of his penis. As he relaxes and enjoys it more, help him isolate what feels good by simply holding his penis, while you focus more on his perineum.

Connection to Prostate

One of the reasons men love perineal massage, is because you can stimulate the prostate from the exterior. The prostate is located inside the body around the urethra and just below the bladder. People have paralleled stimulating the prostate with stimulating the g-spot. A different set of nerves services the prostate and so when you engage the prostate you can experience a different feeling orgasm. The orgasm tends to feel gentler and less focused, but thoroughly enjoyable.

When a husband is highly aroused, press into his body about an inch in front of the anus with the pad of your fingers and slowly massage. Think about the kind of pressure that you would need to really feel the shape of a bone beneath the tissue. It should feel good, if not, then reduce the pressure.  As he enjoys his prostate, stop stimulating the penis so he can hone in on the sensations. When you are ready to take him to the finish, ramp up stimulation using your hand or mouth on his penis. Maintain slow, firm massage of his perineum and see if you can feel his orgasm coming even before he can. As you get to know his body, monitoring his prostate will help you fine tune your stimulation to take him where ever you want.

A Whole New World

Tapping into the perineum can open a whole new world. Gentle massage of his perineum adds to his overall pleasure. Exterior prostate massage thru the perineum can create a completely different experience. Feeling the pulse of the beginning of your husband’s orgasm will help you know him in a new way.

Our husbands have an Amazing Body. Even though they might be happy to operate with a simple on/off switch, we have the pleasure to help them experience so much more. Think of it this way – it is one way to show our husbands what we might enjoy – and maybe when we open them up to the possibilities, it inspires them to take us on our own ride.

Spend a life time of really getting to know your husband’s body.

Trust me – it never gets boring.

Ruth Buezis

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  1. What position should my husband ideally be in for this? On his back with his legs spread? Knees bent or flat? Are you using lube/coconut oil?

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