Testicles – What in the World do I do with These?

I have to admit, out of all the areas of my husband’s body, the testicles are probably one of the most confusing and mysterious to me. I was really never quite sure what I was supposed to do with them. But lately I feel like I am getting a little more of a handle on it. So, I thought I would share what I have discovered.

First, in order to have full access and enjoy the experience, your husband should be freshly bathed. It would also be really helpful if he does a little grooming in that area. He could simply use a hair clipper to trim – think ¼ to ½ inches long – or he could carefully trim the hair with scissors.

Song of Songs 7:13 – And the finest fruits are at our door, new delights as well as old.

A little anatomy lesson

What we commonly think of as the testicles, or what I call the peaches, is really made of several parts. The scrotum is the sack that holds everything. The testicles inside are the oval shaped organs that produce sperm and must be handled with care. A special muscle moves the testicles farther or closer to his body to keep the sperm at a constant temperature. But that movement can also indicate his level of arousal. The closer his testicles hug his body, the more aroused he is. Attached to each testicle is a small tube, the vas deferens, which transports semen through to the penis.

They are finicky

Don’t take it personally, but your husband’s peaches may be very finicky in how they like to be touched. Just like our breasts are sometimes too ticklish, sensitive or nervous to relax, your husband’s testicles may be ticklish, sensitive or nervous. It is not just about how you touch them, but it is about the right timing. There may be times when he needs to be warmed up in other places first or he may not even want you to go there. There may be other times when he absolutely loves it. Build trust by respecting his wishes without questions. Just like your breasts, your husband may not even know why he is ticklish one night and not the next.

They are an area that he protects

Most people know that boys getting kicked in the crotch can be one of the most painful experiences, so it is no wonder that a husband can have a hard time relaxing when handling the family jewels. You must build trust as you explore this area. Start slow and easy and handle the actual testicle with care. Think smooth and connected with no sudden movements. You can create a lot of different sensations while caressing the scrotum but still handling the testicles very gently. Think about massaging around them or moving gently over them. You can do this one at a time or together.

Everything feels better – or at least different – with lube

Lathering your husband’s body is a great way to ensure that you can run your hands smoothly around his shaft, scrotum, pelvis and inner thighs to really loosen things up. Our husbands carry a lot of tension in their pelvis and can fire off like a rocket that has exploded. It can be a different experience to come from a point of total relaxation and then roll into pleasure. Use smooth, firm, connected movements that will really loosen him up. Use your hand to pull his scrotum up toward his body and penis as you smoothly glide around his testicles.

Learn different strokes

There are lots of different things you can do with his peaches and what you do is in many ways dependent on what state of arousal your husband is in. To warm up your husband, loosely play with the testicles or massage around the area to help him relax. If he is ticklish, take a break and when you return think firm, connected massage. As he becomes more aroused, gentle tugging down or massaging the entire scrotum up towards his penis can feel good. When he is highly aroused, gentle fondling, or even light tickling of just the hair on his scrotum can keep him on standby as he eagerly awaits more.

There may be times when you want to let your husband tune into the sensations of his testicles by eliminating any other stimulation. Don’t be afraid to hold him there and explore because you can always ramp things up with penis stimulation when you are ready.

Advanced techniques

When there is no hint of ticklishness and his peaches are beginning to ripen, running a warm full tongue up the sides can be delicious.  A warm damp safe cave is a wonderful place for your husband’s peaches. You can take them into your mouth one at a time and gently roll them around. It is essential that your husband be trimmed for this. You can also run your tongue between the two testicles and all the way up the shaft using a firm flat tongue to stimulate the part of his penis that is inside his body.

Back off at any sign of ticklishness and always be sensitive to whether what you are doing is relaxing him or making him nervous. We have to build trust with our husband in order for them to relax. Ask him what feels good.

Final Thoughts

We need to know our husbands testicles well. They are a great way to gauge his arousal level, bring him deeper relaxation, or prolong an encounter. Can you get to the point where you can fine tune the stimulation of his body to just hang on the cliff for as long as he can stand it or until you decide to take him somewhere? Take advantage of this less direct area of stimulation that will wake him up and tantalize him. Play with it, have some fun, be creative.

Next week  – Your husband’s Perineum – New Territory to Explore

Ruth Buezis

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  1. Prefer anonymous for this one, thanks

    I’ve really learned a lot from reading your blog – just a year and a half into marriage. The first time I tried touching my husband there, he told me to be more gently – now I’ve learned to be gentle with one hand for that part while being firm with the other for other parts. Like rubbing my head and patting my stomach! One thing my husband likes is when I rub him there with my pubic hair. That’s something that gets lost with a Brazilian wax! (But I don’t ask him for oral sex.)

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