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Ruth BuezisI have to admit, I felt kind of lost when I clicked on christiansexclass.org and it was no longer accessible. I have been sharing there for almost two years and in a way, I left a part of myself there. Much of my writing has chronicled my personal journey, struggles and revelation about sex. I have digested what I have read, what is in alignment with God’s truth and what I have seen demonstrated to be true. I have also practiced putting words to concepts and ideas so that I can communicate them in Awaken-Love classes.  Putting words to this powerful, yet sometimes indescribable, thing we call sex is not easy.

I have also made amazing connections on christiansexclass.org.  Melanie found me and gathered up the courage to ask about taking a class – resulting in a ministry partnership that is absolutely God ordained. Women from California, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, North Dakota, and even Nigeria are joining in on classes as we are still figuring out the best technology for communication. One young woman that was not even married yet, but already feels a call to minister in the area of Christian sexuality, emailed asking for a mentor.  God has opened door after door…

And so… this morning I prayed over christiansexclass.org.  I thanked God for every word that He gave me. I thanked him for the people that He brought – Melanie and all the others – people that I would never have crossed paths with otherwise. I thanked Him for all the people that I never met, but read some of my words, and I thanked Him for working through even my blunders.

So, without further ado…..

Welcome to Awaken-Love.net

We will continue to write about sex in God honoring ways so that husbands and wives can experience true intimacy with each other.  We will continue to point to God and His intricate design for sex that mirrors the intimacy that He wants with us. We will continue to stretch and grow as we desire to know our spouse more and to know God more.  We invite you to explore our new site!

Our desire is to raise up men and women in the church to speak truth about sex in God honoring ways, so that marriages might be strengthened. I say men and women, because we are in the beginning stages of designing a six week men’s study that will mirror the women’s Awaken-Love study. This will not be another men’s class about purity, but will be a class about how to be intimate with your wife.

We want to start a grass roots revolution that equips men and women – through our blog and our classes – to encourage each other in their sex lives so that our kids might see and know God’s truth about sex.

We are also looking for men and women that feel called to teach Awaken-Love classes. We want to disciple them, equip them and send them out – not to just teach – but to do ministry.  For there is no area of our lives that is more vulnerable than our sexuality, and it is with the greatest sensitivity and dependence on God that teachers must walk. If you feel called to minister in this area, then please contact us today.

And so this afternoon, I pray over Awaken-Love.net

God, I pray your blessings over Awaken-Love.net. I pray that you will use it as a vehicle to communicate Your truth about sex and intimacy. I pray that what we write honors you, brings glory to Your Name and helps others experience the kind of intimacy and freedom that You desire. I pray that You raise up men and women that are absolutely called to speak Your truth about sex. I pray that Christian marriages begin to look different because of the connection that we experience through sex. God, guard us from pride, guard us from going after the sparkly object, and guard us from thinking that we could accomplish anything on our own. You take us and use us – however You want.


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