Last week I wrote about Rear Entry positions and I want to do a follow up. I learned something along the way that I think deserves its own article. We can train our body to enjoy another position.

A Process

Learning to enjoy rear entry positions has been a process for me. Part of it has been learning to trust my husband and know that he is not just using me. We have also learned to make the position more pleasurable for me with added stimulation or movement and angle changes. I have also learned to embrace my own eroticism and what a position like doggie position can communicate. But fairly recently I stumbled on something that changed things a lot more than I thought it would.

Even though I was at a point where I really enjoyed rear entry doggie position, I still did not like rear entry spooning. There was no power in it; I felt passive. I considered it a lazy position and it didn’t do anything for me physically. Yet, it was one of my husband’s favorite positions. Even when we are just sleeping, he loves to plaster his body against mine and spoon.


So I started thinking, how could I make this position more enjoyable for me? I remembered a book that I had read that talked about how trainable our bodies are, and I thought, “I wonder if I could train my body to enjoy spooning.”

I decided to do a solo “research project” with my body in the spooning position. My mind would imagine that I was actually spooning with my husband, but my hand would provide the stimulation I liked best. I allowed my body to move as if my husband and I were actually spooning. This time it felt unbelievable from start to finish.

I think I only did the research project once or twice. But the next time we had sex in rear entry spooning position, it felt radically different. My husband noticed right away how much more I enjoyed it. Sometimes we use added stimulation, and sometimes all I want is him inside of me, but it is always enjoyable now.

It’s actually hard for me accept how much of a difference this “research project” made. I would never guarantee results, but I thought I should at least put it out there to consider.

Our bodies are trainable. We can train our bodies to expect pleasure during an activity and to react accordingly.

Our minds do hold amazing power if we are willing to harness our sexual thoughts.

So consider this creative solution from a wife that wants to join her husband in his enjoyment.

Ruth Buezis

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  1. As a man, rear entry provides me with more control. But its the spooning afterwards that is best. In any man on top position, after I orgasm I would collapse onto my wife. I’m not a big guy, but I always felt I was crushing my wife. After orgasm in rear entry, we go into spooning and I can hold my wife longer.

  2. I so love being held and spooned but n the last year, when anyone touches me (including my kiddos who wrap their arms around me for a hug) I get hot. H-O-T. If I’m in bed I have to throw off the covers, with the kids I start to sweat. My hormones are ok. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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