The Pleasures of Morning Sex

As my husband and I have gotten older, we have learned to appreciate mornings sex for several reasons.  After a good night’s sleep, some of the aches and pains have receded and our bodies feel rested.  My brain slows down enough to put my “to do list” on the back burner for a while.  Hormones surge and bodies function best in the morning. And as I have gained confidence, I  appreciate seeing each other in the light of day and savoring those images. Consider taking advantage of morning sex and see what a difference it can make.


At the age of 50, I already have a collection of creaks and groans that my body makes after a full day of work. My hip has the beginning stages of arthritis. My wrists sometimes inflame with carpal tunnel. And my a vagina is  becoming more and more temperamental.

But after a good night’s sleep, my body usually resets and feels pretty good. I love to have the freedom to move like I want to during sex and straddle my husband, or throw my legs up. Take advantage of mornings when your body feels its best.

Advantages for Husbands

Men’s testosterone reaches the highest level first thing in the morning. Most husbands love to have morning sex,. If fact, they often wake up with an erection.

Our husbands wake up thinking, “that feels good”, while we immediately think about our “to do list”.  For me, one of the perks of getting older has been learning how to relax. While I used to jump into my project for the day, I am now happy to lounge in bed and enjoy a little morning sex. And as a side note – if you are worried about your breath, or need to go to the bathroom – don’t lay there and worry about it. Just take two minutes to do what you need to and then climb back in bed.

Visual Treat

The last reason I enjoy morning sex is I love having sex when I can see. People watch pornography because it is erotic and powerful to watch this thing called sex. Why not reclaim the power of visual stimulation and harness it towards your own marriage. I love to watch my husband and am amazed at the body God gave him. I love to watch the two of us become one as our bodies fit together like a glove. As I have gained confidence and learned to love my body, I am in awe of the way God created me and I love to watch my husband enjoying me. Take advantage of the natural light of morning  to drink each other in and fully partake.

Morning sex is a great treat for those of us that have slowed down a little bit. Take advantage of fresh bodies that feel rested, hormones surging, and  natural erections.  Enjoy a visual treat of natural light and have a beautiful morning,

What do you love about morning sex?Ruth Buezis

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  1. Thanks very much Ruth,i have been following and reading your posts and i must admit they are awesome and have done a great deal in my personal life and my marriage.Sex in the morning is my most wonderful moment because i feel so fresh in my body and my mind is relax and focus to my wife and like you rightly said…i love to watch my wife’s wonderful body in action.
    A Cameroonian living in Qatar.Thanks again and God continue to bless and inspired you.

    • Shey Godlove,
      It is an amazing thing to make these connections from across the world – welcome to a Cameroonian living in Qatar. Later this morning I have a Nigerian joining a class via skype – how cool is that. Blessings to you and your wife as you discover all that God has for you and your marriage bed.

  2. I love morning sex because it seems to positively influence my whole day. I am reminded that my husband and I are a team as we go off to face the day. I always feel more connected to him when he gets home later in the evening as well. It’s like we super charged our connection that morning and the benefits extend into our evening. Love it!

  3. Maybe I would like morning sex more if I wake up for a long while before we go at it. Otherwise, my body isn’t awake enough for it to feel like anything at all. If we have sex in the morning, I get the same amount of pleasure as I would if he were rubbing my arm….so, it doesn’t hurt, it just basically doesn’t feel like anything at all. Does anyone else have that problem?

    • For me, morning sex is more emotional than physical. It colors my perspective the entire day – thoughts like “my spouse and I are a team” and “I am loved” flow through my head as I go about the day. So, even if extreme physical pleasure isn’t a part of it, I think there is still something to be enjoyed from the connecting. Maybe it can be more physically relaxing than arousing. Maybe the arousing encounters happen at a different time. I hope someone has a better answer for you though Keelie.

    • I have the same problem and most of the time can not orgasm in the morning. Which leaves me depressed, knowing that my husband won’t be in the mood again foe a couple of days. It’s almost like I’m numb down there or maybe just not awake. Is there anything we can do? Because it’s my husband’s favorite time to make love.

      • mm

        Hmmm. Anybody else gone through this that has some ideas. I am guessing it has to do with waking up and engaging your minds. Until our mind gets on board, the blood does not start flowing and things don’t feel like much. Even your past experiences of not enjoying sex, will tend to shut you down. How do you engage your mind and create positive experiences so that you anticipate pleasure in the morning?

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