Song of Songs 5: 15-16


15 His legs are pillars of marble
    set on bases of pure gold.
His appearance is like Lebanon,
    choice as its cedars.
16 His mouth is sweetness itself;
    he is altogether lovely.
This is my beloved, this is my friend,
    daughters of Jerusalem

This is my beloved, this is my friend.

Do you treat your husband like you do your friends?

When he calls on the phone, do you greet him with the warm excitement of hearing your best friend’s voice? Do you give him the grace that you give your best friend when she gets too busy to call or remember your birthday? Do you encourage your husband the same way that you encourage your best friend when she feels discouraged or messes up again? Do you make dates with your husband with the same enthusiasm as connecting with your best girl friend?

Our husbands are supposed to be our beloved and our friend. He is supposed to be the one that we love to play with, work alongside of or grieve next to.  Just like our friendship with our girl friend, friendship with our husband must be cultivated. We have to spend time together talking, playing and creating memories. We need to stop mothering our husband, let go of control and learn to enjoy their world. We need to work along side of them and encourage them. We need to expect the best of them and become their biggest fan.

This Week – 

  1. Plan a date to play with your spouse. Go to the park and swing, have a naked wrestling match, or play naked nerf gun war.
  2. Plan a date where you join your husband in his favorite activity – watching a baseball game, fishing, going to a car race etc…
  3. Make a commitment for one week to listen to your tone of voice when you speak to your husband and compare it to how you talk to your best friend or your kids. How do you want to be spoken to?
  4. Pray for your husband all week and write him a note of encouragement.Ruth Buezis

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  1. Remember how, when you first decided you really “liked” him (before he became your husband) – you always looked your absolute BEST (dressed up and did your make-up and CARED about your impression). Do that again. The man you fell in love with is still worth it all these years later…

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