2015-08-26 16.11.03After 2 weeks of traveling around Copenhagen, Norway and Iceland with my husband and parents, I am getting back in the saddle and writing. So let’s just put a few thoughts out there….

I love vacation! Seeing the world with my husband and holding hands as we walk the cobblestone streets. I love taking a day off and ordering room service and not exiting our room until noon. I love dressing up for my husband and watching his jaw drop. It is so fun to have sex in different beds, in different rooms with different views.  I love waking in the middle of the night because we have not adjusted to the time zone, rolling right into great sex and then back to sleep. Vacations are great!!

Coming Home

But coming home is even better!! I love to hear the chatter and laughter of my daughters as they recount the week’s highlights. I love home cooked meals – no matter what it is. Mowing the lawn and pulling weeds in the garden feels so great. I love worshiping with my church family .Going to bed and having sex in a place that feels like home. I love reconnecting with friends and hearing their familiar laugh. I love doing ministry. God is so good!!

Transitioning Back

It is always a little weird just jumping back into writing about sex…

Should I just write, “I am getting back in the saddle and writing – so let me tell you why woman on top is the best position ever.”

It just doesn’t seem right, so I will save that for another time.

I will tell you that God has been doing amazing things with Awaken-Love, the 6 week class that I developed for women 3 years ago. We have a new logo that we love, and Melanie and I have awesome T-shirts so we will be a walking billboard for classes. We started a new Awaken- Love facebook page that will post everything we write here and a few extra ditties. Check it out and like it.

All of our fall Awaken-Love classes are packed including a class exclusively to equip teachers in Texas. A handful of women are skyping in from around the United States and one from Nigeria!  We are in the process of revamping the Awaken-Love website to communicate not only information about taking the class, but also information about becoming a teacher for Awaken-Love. I am so excited for classes to get  started and see how God moves. God is good!!

I promise I will get back to writing about sex this week. I have been reading David Schnarch’s book Passionate Marriage for about the 4th time and I am full of ideas and thoughts as well as experiences from the last month. Just to entice you, some of my titles coming are, “In the saddle”, “The magic thumb”, and “Getting lost”. If you have ideas for article, feel free to email me at

It’s good to be back.


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