COCONUT OIL – A Great Personal Lubrication

Coconut Oil – I love everything

about it !!!

I love to use it on my husband. I lube him up – his penis, his testicles, his perineum, all around the area – and it makes my hands glide silky smooth over him. Whether I am enjoying him with my hands, mouth, breasts or any other part of my body, a little bit of coconut oil makes

it a whole lot nicer.


I love it when he uses coconut oil on me. As I have aged, lubrication has become more and more a factor – ok, so basically I am dry as a bone. My husband knows not to touch my delicate skin, or enter me without taking the time to lather me in coconut oil. Which by the way, has the added bonus of making my husbands hands soft. In Minnesota where the winters are brutally dry and cold, cracks in your hands can form that feel like a knife piercing your skin. Since we have started using coconut oil the cracks have disappeared.

Coconut oil can also be used for a great full body massage. Just heat it up in the microwave so that it is warm to the touch. The oil soaks into  your skin afterwards so it does not leave you feeling sticky, and it doesn’t stain your sheets.


Coconut oil is safe for your most delicate parts and even inside your vagina. It is actually anti bacterial and may help to prevent both urinary tract infections and yeast infections. Most things that you read say that  you should never use any kind of oil based lubricant with a condom because it will break down the silicone prematurely. I have read a couple of articles suggesting that coconut oil is different, but do so at your own risk. I am not responsible if little Joey shows up in 9 months.

coconut oilCoconut oil comes in a jar at the grocery store, most likely found in the baking aisle near the cooking oil, or in the organic section. Different stores carry different brands and some have a stronger coconut smell than others. If you are adverse to the smell of coconut, you might try a different brand.

The melting point of coconut oil is 76 degrees so during the winter when the house is a little colder it is a firm solid that can be scooped with your hand or a spoon. I have even formed small shapes by pouring the melted oil into a candy making tray for easy grabbing. When the house warms in early summer the coconut oil is soft and smooth like coco butter and in the heat of the summer it is most often liquid.

So is anybody out there using coconut oil and what has been your experience?

If you have never tried using coconut oil, give it a try. You might discover something new.

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  1. We’ve been using coconut oil for about 10 years. I use it in every room of the house! I’ve recently discovered essential oils and enjoy combining EO with coconut oil as the aromatherapy is wonderful!

  2. My wife and I recently started using it and it’s our favorite lube. It gets absorbed by the skin, doesn’t make a mess and is the best feeling lube ever. With other lubes I feel it’s too easy to get too much or it feels like a layer of lube separates me and my wife but this is second only to her natural lube

    • mm

      There is no conclusive evidence that Coconut oil breaks down latex. The study was done using mineral oil and then translated to all oils. But as many of us realize, coconut oil is very different then mineral oil. I did find an article where someone did their own experiment and results indicated the coconut oil did not break down latex. But please, do your own experiment, don’t take my word for it.

  3. mm

    I don’t have any experience with glass toys, but what I’ve read has suggested they are hard to beat for G-Spot stimulation. I don’t see why you couldn’t use coconut oil with them.

  4. Fractionated coconut oil is even better. It is liquid and is odourless, especially useful if using essential oils for a body massage prior to reverting to just the fractionated oil for those intimate massage.
    Fantastic for all needs especially anal

  5. We use almond oil. I don’t like the smell of coconut oil during sex. It makes me think of cakes and cookies and I feel I should be in the kitchen baking, not in the bedroom making love with my husband. We use it as a carrier oil for beautifully scented body/essential oils for massages.

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