Another Adjustment


Tomorrow I am having a simple surgical procedure to remove scar tissue from my vagina. The scar formed years ago in an area that was stitched up during childbirth. The scar didn’t really bother me until the last few years when menopause caused the thinning of tissue in my vagina. The ridge of scar tissue gradually become more raised and irritated the entire right side of my vulva. At times I experienced a dull ache and other times it was a sharp pain like an exposed nerve. My doctor explained that because the tissue and nerves are so intertwined in that area of our body, a small area of irritation can make the nerves and tissue of the whole area fire up.

It should be a simple procedure. They’ll give me something to make me drowsy and to locally numb me. Then the doctor will cut out the scar tissue and stitch me up nice and smooth. The only restriction I will have afterward is no sex for a month.


What exactly does that mean? Are we talking no orgasm for a month or are we just talking no intercourse for a month. So tomorrow I will have to ask my nice older gentleman doctor, “What exactly does no sex mean?” “How about manual stimulation? How about oral? How about a vibrator?”

I know it sounds silly, but I just need a little clarifying.

Either way, I look forward to staying intimate with my husband. If it is “no orgasm” then I will just have to enjoy skin to skin contact with him, while I vicariously enjoy his orgasms.

I am a little nervous about operating in that area, but choose to trust God on this one. God cares about my vagina as much as my arm or leg or anything else.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to no longer have to always direct my husband to the left side of my body.

Here’s my advice to the young women out there. Enjoy your body while it is young and go have tons of sex when things may physically be a little simpler.

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