New Series – Age Adjustments

Mature-Couple-With-DenturesI am starting a new series on Wednesdays called Age Adjustment to address some of the adjustments that we make as we age, both men and women. You might naturally assume that I will be writing about all the challenges that we go through as we age. But really it is not all bad, there is a lot of good stuff too.

To be perfectly honest, I just turned 50 and am an empty-nester for the first time, so I feel like I am just entering this phase of my life. Hopefully we can get some dialogue going between some of you experts.

Some of the topics I hope to address are…

The Change –

Foreplay for Him –

Dry as a bone

Kid free zone


How much does it cost?

Sex everyday


I’m sure that there are a lot more topics, so let me know what you want to hear about?




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  1. I am certainly going to follow this topic. I hope you do include the topic of orgasmic change, Intensity and sensation! Or to be more accurate for me, lack of orgasim and sensation!!!!

    • mm

      Hope to write some posts soon. Such a tricky topic to address with such diverse experiences for everyone.
      Hope you find some answers.

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