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People have asked, “what is your vision for Awaken Love classes,where do you see it going?”

I’m never quite sure how to answer, but over and over, I hear myself saying, “I would love for more women to start teaching classes, women from all over the place.”

Something powerful happens when women spend 6 weeks sharing, encouraging and praying over their sex lives. It is a process of growing and discovery and ah-ha moments, and it is a privilege to share every single time I teach.

Just thinking about what it takes to teach a class….

1. A life that is completely dependent on God

2. A rock solid marriage

3. Sensitivity and compassion for the wounded and those that struggle

4. Lips that are not loose

5. Encouraging Godly girl friends

6. An appreciation and an appetite to learn more


In March, Melanie is going to join my Monday class via skype from Texas, and it got me to thinking, “what if Melanie could start teaching classes in Texas?'” How awesome would that be?

So here is my invitation….

I am also teaching a class on Thursday nights starting March 19th, and I would love to have someone skype in that is feeling called to make a difference in other women’s marriages. Whether you just feel called to encourage friends one on one, or you someday feel called to teach a class, come and join me. Check out first hand the transformation that happens when women figure out this thing called sex.

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  1. Yes!! Me!! I already mentor a couple girls one-on-one in this area but would love to have more resources and have been praying about this very thing!! I have a passion to help women discover and embrace their sexuality and understand the sexual being God created them to be. I have been following your site for a while now and even thought, at one point, about contacting you to see if you would offer your classes on-line (since I am in South Carolina). I would love to join in via Skype. (I will have to figure out how to Skype… believe it or not, I have never Skyped! And I can be somewhat technology challenged at times. But I usually catch on pretty quick.) I will figure it out for this!!

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