Christmas-GiftChristmas is coming. Don’t forget to think about giving some gifts to make your bedroom special. Below are a list of ideas.

My favorite item that my husband bought for me this year is a remote control that will operate 3 different items, plugged into 3 different outlets in our room. While laying in our bed, we can turn on or off the scentsy candle across the room, the small night light next to my bed, and the reading light on his side of the bed. Here is a link 

Cold winters in Minnesota make for cold sheets and cold bedrooms. We already have a small electric fireplace like this one, but we plan on trying an electric blanket to pre-heat the sheets.

If you are interested  in purchasing some toys, or love potions, Covenantspice.com is a safe site to visit.

I am a big fan of coconut oil, partly because as I age, I need lubrication, and partly because the more my husband uses it on my, the softer his hands become. In the winter, coconut oil gets so hard in the jar that it is hard to get out. This year for Christmas, I am going to use candy molds to form small shapes of coconut oil that we can just grab when we want it.

I think my husband is terrified that one night we will burn the house down because we forgot to blow out the candles. He was thrilled when I came home with these remote controlled electric candles. They are wax on the outside and look, smell and feel real.

For sure, a new outfit for both of us in bed.

Put some thought into how you can make your bedroom special this holiday season.

What plans do you have for this year?


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