A couple of weeks ago,  I taught a class called “Your friend’s marriage matters”. We spent time talking about how to encourage our friends in their marriage, whether they were struggling or doing great.

Unbeknownst to me, a woman attended the class whose husband is not yet willing to come to church with her. She came because she wanted to strengthen her own marriage. When her husband asked where she had been, she shared that she had been at a class about marriage, and that she learned 2 small simple things that she hoped they might begin doing.

1. She wanted to start holding hands again

2. She wanted to start praying with him

He thought for a moment, and then said,”I guess we can start doing that”.

What an amazing thing! Quite honestly, I’m not sure he realized how physical touching and praying together can transform a relationship.

Your mission, is to make these two simple changes to your marriage, and to do them everyday….

Hold hands… while you are walking, watching tv, shopping, or sitting next to each other

Pray together … in the morning, or evening pray to the God of the universe. Don’t just pray through your prayer requests, but share your heart, your struggles, your hopes and your dreams.

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