What Are You Willing To Try?



I’ve been studying the anonymous surveys from the women that attended my advanced class “How to have an orgasm during intercourse”. In the survey I asked 2 simple questions…

How often do you orgasm during intercourse?

  1. Most times
  2. Some times
  3. Never

I orgasm during intercourse (check all that apply)

  1. Hands free
  2. With the help of His hands
  3. With the help of my hands
  4. With the help of a vibrator
  5. Other
  6. Never

Although my survey only included about 24 women I think some things can be gleaned from the answers. Not surprisingly the majority of the women were in the category of “Some times”, with a handful each in the “Most times” and the “Never” categories.

What is really interesting, is that while the “Some times” ladies all checked only 1 or 2 methods that got them there, almost all of the “Most times” ladies checked all 4 methods. The “Most times” ladies were open to His Hands, my hands, vibrator and hands free.

Now the question is, are the “Most times” ladies getting there because it is so easy that they can get there whatever path they take.

Or, are the “Most times” ladies getting there because they are willing to try different paths.

And is being willing to try different paths enough, or do we actually need to embrace that path as something that is good and right and blessed before we allow ourselves to actually enjoy that path.

Now having sex is not just about intercourse, God wants us to enjoy all kinds of things.  But is it possible that this survey gives us clues into what may hold us back. When we limit what we allow ourselves to enjoy, do we limit what we can experience. I know for myself, if I allow myself to define certain experiences as second rate or last resort, I barely allow myself to enjoy them. When I embrace every experience that God gives me, I experience life more fully.

So think about it. Are you limiting yourself, either in what you try, or what you allow yourself to really enjoy.

What are you willing to try?



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